Zili Plat À Gâteau

Zili Plat À Gâteau

Zili Plat À Gâteau
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Tir par la main romantique beau dessin d un sablier Vector illustration isol Conception de tatouage  Banque d'images

Hand drawn romantic beautiful drawing of a hourglass. Tattoo design, mystic time symbol for your use.~ I fricken lovvvvve the idea of a hourglass as a tat!

Yoni is one of the most primeval forms of the goddess. She represents the origin of life, the womb or “secred temple” in Hindu philosophy, the creative force of the Shakti/Devi. She’s doing a “yoni mudra” with her hands (a symbolic hindu gesture that repr

Le Gros Chapelier

Occult symbol, used by Hermetics and Alchemists, as well as by witches. It has different senses, of course. I put it to this board, though.


death art Black and White Cool white Typography Awesome black Grunge dark satan goth 666 devil pastel goth inverted cross


Non Disney heroines! (I love that Amalthea and Lily are on here!) The Last Unicorn and Legend were my two fav movies growing up.wish they would have put the female in The Dark Crystal on here though!