Funny :D

LOL - "I plan to give you love, nurturing, and just enough dysfunction to make you funny." This is totally my parenting plan. Sam will be amazingly funny if Jim and I have anything to do with it.

Toilet paper tree.  This is funny!! haha

Toilet paper tree for kids bathroom. Lol they'd have the bathroom looking like it was Halloween all year I can picture toilet paper streamers everywhere!

Baby Boy Onesie

Baby Boy Onesie -- onesie with funny saying -- great baby shower gift -- long or short sleeve -- Dude your Wife keeps checking me out

why are these daily odd compliments so hilarious...

I feel like I give out this compliment to others more than I get it. Which probably says something about how judge mental I am or the kind of friends I hang out with.

This is hilarious.  And awesome.

How Babies Are Made

Guitar onesie

Funny pictures about Awesome baby shirt. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome baby shirt. Also, Awesome baby shirt.


I'm not sure if you're a creeper for watching a kid color, but.that kid sure is creepy


Funny pictures about Hungry tree. Oh, and cool pics about Hungry tree. Also, Hungry tree.

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