Train Table Turned Light Table

Turn Your Train Table Into A Light Table «

Light table made from a glass top table - PAHM fan Kass Minor.

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PAHM fan Koby Lea Bennett

Koby Grabham - The new lightbox that mummy made! Yay for me!

PAHM fan Rachael Lawler Reese

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PAHM fan Quiana Sternhagen

Thanks for the information on a DIY... - Quiana Cade Sternhagen

PAHM fan Mandy Oden Welch

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PAHM fan Lindsay Heim

Lindsay Heim - Photos/Videos of Play at Home Mom | Facebook

PAHM fan Stephanie Margerison

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PAHM fan Kris Bauer

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PAHM fan Alyssa Bender Huang

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PAHM fan Lynn Machemer Setliffe

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PAHM fan Julie Layne

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PAHM fan Kate Misnik

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PAHM fan Sarah Rippel Dodson

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PAHM fan Kyndal Fairless

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PAHM fan Jessica Graef

Jessica Graef - Photos/Videos of Play at Home Mom

PAHM fan Allison Lancione

We just finished our light table... - Allison GB Lancione

PAHM fan Julie Lentz

Julie Lentz - Photos/Videos of Play at Home Mom | Facebook

long plastic storage tote...lipped it over as the bottom was smooth, the lid had lots of grooves in it. We painted the bottom and sides black, frosted the top, and put 2 strands of rope lights inside. For a step by step in pictures, check out this link... (Thanks, Amy)

Play At Home Mom LLC: Playing with Light

Doubles as Sensory and Light table.

Lauren Miller - Play!!

Storage container and lights - PAHM fan Lindsay Johnson

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Play At Home Mom Fan Jay Perkins

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