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Electric Energy Hogs

We're calling them out! (Not just antique electric appliances, but current day electric energy hogs too) If you want to contribute pictures of energy hogs to this board, let me know and I'll make you a contributor because I would appreciate the help.

Electric Energy Hogs

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1960s Beauty parlor...

How the mini fluorescent light bulb was born.

What USA would look like if we never had OSHA. (Side note: For on-coming severe weather changes, we need National project to update infrastructure, starting with all USA power lines put under ground.

India | Quick Tech News

manufacturing : A cement factory in Chongqing, China (living in a cloud of polution)

Industrial Training and the Best PLC Training for Maintenance

EL84 Pentode valve

Women Feel the Same as Men

USB-typewriter.jpg (512×384)

Letterpress Type

The old antique sewing machines. Seems like the heavier it is the more energy it sucks.

  • Nicholas Hargis
    Nicholas Hargis

    Except many of the early singer sewing machines where foot powered about as green as green comes lol my grandma had one they work surprisingly very well for 1880s tech

  • Business Industrial Network Business Industrial Network

    Good Point Nicholas Hargis , I totally forgot about that. :>)

Antique electric refrigerator. Probably the number one energy waster in it's day.

Antique electric range. Glad we have energy saver appliances now.

The Antique Electric Fan. Not much air in these osculating fans, but a whole lot of electricity used by big heavy electric motors.

the Incandescent light bulb! What we haven't banned them yet? (Well the EU and other countries have, but not the USA.)