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2015 Guide to High-Efficiency ‪#‎AirConditioning‬ : We offer this guide each year to give ‪#‎HVAC‬ contractors an easy-to-use comparison of the newest models by the leading brands.

Some HVAC humor to kick off your work week.

When temperatures rise, we're tempted to crank p the AC. However, this is not necessarily efficient or effective. Try setting your thermostat to a level that's comfortable and less costly.

Mold in your HVAC system is a big problem. Learn seven steps for DIY mold removal for your ducts, coils, and drip pans.

8 Steps to Take Now to Save on Your Summer Air-Conditioning Bill

In our latest blog, we share some helpful advice on changing your air filters to alleviate indoor allergies. #indoorallergies #HVAC #airfilters

HVAC Training videos

Cooling Tips For Commercial Spaces

When to Replace Household Items. HVAC filters should be replaced once a month during high-use seasons like summer and winnter, and once every three months during low-use seasons like spring and fall.

Click for ASHRAE HVAC Maintenance Costs Database

electro mechanical thermography and predictive maintenance training

Keep your home cool this sumer without using air conditioning (via HouseLogic):

Understanding Electrical Diagrams and Control Circuits

If you do choose to keep your ductwork exposed, consider springing for copper.

Decorative Ducts? Show them off!

Happy Easter

Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Maintenance Tips

Heating and cooling a two-story addition involves making choices that balance cost, convenience and energy efficiency.

What Is an HVAC System and How Does It Work?

Do you own an older home without ductwork? The main advantages of a ductless mini-split #HVAC system are its small size, quiet operation, and the flexibility it has for #heating and cooling individual areas within your home. Learn more here, then contact us at 510-538-9817 to find out what's best for your home.

How to Keep the Heat In and Cold Out During Winter: Heating Your Home the Energy-Efficient Way

Want to Keep Winter Heating Costs Down? You Can Save Serious Money Using a Programmable Thermostat

The 2013 Energy Efficiency Indicator (EEI) study, conducted by the Johnson Controls Institute for Building Efficiency

Take Back Your Energy Bills — Energy-Efficiency Measures that Work for You!

How to Keep Your Bay Area Winter Heating Costs Low