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Which would you pick? If you need help deciding, check out our site for AC awesomenes.

Many things could cause evaporator leaks, but a common cause is low refrigerant. If your coils are leaking, we can help.

To choose the best air filter, look for a high MERV rating. High efficiency filters have ratings ranging from 9 - 16 and cost about $25. Washable filters go for $20 and score 1 - 4. Polyester/ pleated air filters cost $10 with a rating of 8 -13. Lastly, fiberglass air filters cost about $1 but remove less than 10% of air pollutants.

North American Technician Excellence Inc. (NATE) is a third-party, independent and non-profit certification for HVAC technicians. Our NATE certification exemplifies our expertise and ability to serve you best.

Wow - a $38 annual energy bill? The HVAC future is exciting! We like to stay up to date on HVAC trends.

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#DidYouKnow? You may be able to get a tax rebate for your #energyefficient appliances. More ways to save can be found here:

#DidYouKnow? These are the top 5 most energy consuming appliances. Save energy and money by following the tips in our #infographic:

Be careful what you put down your garbage disposal! These things don't belong.

Don't be fooled by this common fuel oil myth. See other myths, debunked here:

Lower your energy bills with these 10 #energysavingtips! #gogreen #savemoney

The DOE recently upgraded the minimum energy efficiency requirements for water heaters that will reduce energy consumption by $63 billion from 2015-2044:

If your home is more humid than normal or you notice water pooling near the condensate pan, there may be a problem with the condensate pump or the drain. Fix it with these tips:

If you reversed the direction of your ceiling fan last fall to bring warm air down for winter, now's the time to reverse again. Make sure your fan is rotating counterclockwise to bring cold air up so you can lower your A/C a few degrees

2015 Guide to High-Efficiency ‪#‎AirConditioning‬ : We offer this guide each year to give ‪#‎HVAC‬ contractors an easy-to-use comparison of the newest models by the leading brands.

Some HVAC humor to kick off your work week.

When temperatures rise, we're tempted to crank p the AC. However, this is not necessarily efficient or effective. Try setting your thermostat to a level that's comfortable and less costly.

Mold in your HVAC system is a big problem. Learn seven steps for DIY mold removal for your ducts, coils, and drip pans.

8 Steps to Take Now to Save on Your Summer Air-Conditioning Bill

In our latest blog, we share some helpful advice on changing your air filters to alleviate indoor allergies. #indoorallergies #HVAC #airfilters

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When to Replace Household Items. HVAC filters should be replaced once a month during high-use seasons like summer and winnter, and once every three months during low-use seasons like spring and fall.