Lean Six Sigma in Home

Lean Six Sigma in Home

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Starting New Year's Day: daily calendar/journal that is reused each year and gets better the longer you use it. Each day you write the year and something that happened that day like "got engaged!" "Sally took her first steps." "Vacationed in Paris; saw Eiffel Tower" Look back in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years...great way to see your blessings & keep perspective.

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Six Sigma sauvignon blanc (I just thought a funny way to introduce the home maker to the term "Six Sigma" :)

Autonomous Maintenance, Reliability Engineering Training, Reliability Engineering

  • Daniel Lang
    Daniel Lang

    Is the wine any good?

  • BIN95.com Business Industrial Network
    BIN95.com Business Industrial Network

    Have no idea, but it's name sure indicates it is world class. :)

Stick-on storage. These kind of remind me of organizers for your high school locker, but I love the effect! Small things can easily be knocked around inside a shallow vanity mirror, but StickOnPods utilizes the door side to keep lipsticks and toothbrushes safe and secure.

Industrial Training and the Best PLC Training for Maintenance


printable conversion chart for the kitchen

Chasing Delicious | Kitchen 101: Measuring


One of these stairs would be cool!

SaiFou Image | SaiFou


more personal kanban

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  • Andrew Gondzur
    Andrew Gondzur

    I don't get it.

hide computer cables from sight but still allow access to them

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Wow! This is great for my little room with zero space!

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stairs with drawers

mdolla: Brilliant Stairs photos


Genius! shelves attached to the inside of a closet door... Shoes....purses....

Closet Storage | Ana White


Shed organizing tip: Vertical storage is crucial. Installing a peg board system can help you utilize the entire wall of the shed.

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5 Steps to Remove clutter!

5 ways to unclutter your kitchen | The Hyper House



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I really want to do this! Got 6" of space? Create a sliding pantry! #DIY #kitchens

IHeart Organizing: Reader Space: Secret Storage


containing Legos!

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canned good storage, this will be so hopefull!

Learning to be me: Cabinet DIY completed and tutorial


lean manufacturing

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An Introduction to Lean Manufacturing: A calorie free dose of information overload! How do you measure up? #MFGCHAT

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  • Bishop Wisecarver
    Bishop Wisecarver

    Thanks for sharing that one!

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    BIN95.com Business Industrial Network

    Sure thing Bishop-Wisecarver

Lean Starts at Home

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Now days we have computers. :>)

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Need to do this 5S

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  • Stacerina Ray
    Stacerina Ray

    So my husband must be a black belt becaue he's been doing this stuff forever, LOL

  • BIN95.com Business Industrial Network
    BIN95.com Business Industrial Network

    yep Stacy a lot of us are around the house and garage, just not as much around the workplace. And obsessive–compulsive are really 5s masters. :>)