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Things We Made

This is a place for the Plexipixel team to share some of their own designs, sketches, petrified fruit sculptures and more. Oh, so much more.

Check out this really fun animation we did for Whole Foods Market. What a blast!

this is how matt and vicky confused their guests at their wedding...

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the leading organization for the development of web standards, asked that we build a site for their first annual developer conference in 2011. In order to appeal to a crowd of devs proficient in the use of cutting-edge web technologies, it was important to utilize tools that met their standards while upholding the WCAG-2 guidelines of accessibility.

When Zune decided they wanted to add MSN Games Hexic to their music players, they turned to Plexipixel for design production, user experience consultation, and interface design. We were thrilled when we were also asked to create original assets for Zune Sudoku, and knew we needed to make a version of the game that would stand apart from countless clones.

The folks at Pokémon wanted to do something distinctive to showcase their two new films based off of the most recent generation, Black and White. With the huge popularity of the cards and video game (which has become the fastest selling DS game to date) we were challenged to create something really cool to support the highly-anticipated and unique movie release. The two plot-lines run parallel to each other with one movie being released in limited theaters across the US and the other premiering on Cartoon Network in early December. They asked that we present the two in a way that would bring them together while highlighting the differences.

We’ve been creating our own games for awhile now, and have come to realize that games are like stray puppies; they’re much happier when they have a home. Our games needed a place to live, and we worked hard to ensure they were put in a place that felt right.

MIX Online and Joshua Davis Studios created this great open source development framework called Okapi (as OK API). Built on the Okapi framework, is a digital generative art program known as the Endless Mural, which runs on HTML5 and is fast, smooth, and powerful. But they need a better way to show it off and get the word out about the framework. The obvious solution: Bribe people to use it through a contest!