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Plexus Slim Weight Loss Testimonials and Before & After Photos

Christina says - Such an amazing journey with Plexus. I started my healthy lifestyle change on March 19, 2013. I still have quite a journey ahead of myself (about 70 more lbs to go), but I am sooooo happy about these 87lbs I have lost with the help of the Plexus drink, 2 accelerator pills and occasionally 2 Probio5s.

My weight loss has not been as fast as I thought it should be, but with how good I feel now, I'm okay with it! I sleep like I haven't in yrs and I feel good! Who knew that I could wake up refreshed and not in pain. My chronic shoulder pain is gone as is the pain in my ears. My sciatic hasn't bothered me since my start on Plexus, either. And another thing, NO MORE HEADACHES!!! I hope this inspires someone, it's not a diet, it truly is a life changer!

I have lost 51lbs and tons of inches. Stopped measuring awhile ago, but have gone from a size 24 pants to a loose 18. I am really starting to feel alive again thanks to Plexus!

Becky says - Pics on the left are the beginning (160lbs). Pics on the right are today (142lbs). 18lbs GONE!!!! SO exciting to be able to wear my daughter's clothes. Lol!!! Happy to feel better and be healthier. Lots more energy, happier mood, able to make better food choices, better sleep, and no more brain fog. I LOVE what Plexus is doing for me and my family. I started with the plexus slim/accelerator combo. I have since added the ProBio5, Biocleanse, and the X-factor.

Stephanie says - Just wanted to share. This is my 8th month photo. I'm down 114 pounds and still going. With plexus I'm able to follow a good diet and exercise. For those of you that are in doubt, it is possible!!!!

I don't take any stomach medicine. I don't battle with Gerd now. Plexus helped me lose 32 lbs and obviously many inches. Went from a 31 waist to a 27. No doctor apps since!! Love my Plexus!!

I am getting that LIFE!!! I feel good in my own skin, my attitude on life is different and I have confidence to the moon!! Almost 90 lbs down in counting, I am now 10lbs from getting in the 200's and I haven't seen below 300 since high school. Everybody on my friend list know me but didn't know me and now we all get to travel the journey to the new me!!! Thnx Plexus!!!

Mandy Says ~ I am now down 20 pounds at last weigh in and over 30 inches total!! I take the slim/Acc Combo and probio 5 and just started the bio cleanse last night! Oh yeah and I now may have to take half a pain pill every few days!!! I feel Amazing!!! I have as much energy as I did 10 years ago when I had my first son! No more sodas, sweets and I can eat carbs in a healthy way! Thank you Plexus for giving me my life back!! It has been a true God Send!!

Jay says - One month on plexus pics 5 inches gone 15 pounds off.

Rachel says - Plexus has been a huge UNEXPECTED physical blessing to me and my family. I am so thankful that The Lord allowed me to hear about it. I am a busy mom of 4, pastor's wife, and teacher. I had just accepted my body as it was, because of all of those things. I was a skeptic that Plexus could work; I had tried all of the other options before. I started slim/accelerator in February 2013.

Colleen says - Here's my story...I have always struggled w/weight, food, diet coke and budlight! I have done and tried everything and usually get burned out by the 6 month mark! I have been doing Plexus since the 1st of October . I am still going strong and am down 13.5lbs and almost 20inches.

Diane says - Well it's been 2 months and I am pleased to say I am down 11 1/2 lbs && 17.5 inches!! sleeping good, no migraines, aches & stiffness in the morning are gone, no acid reflux flare up (although I am still on my prescription but seriously thinking of stopping it and see how I do), my pulse rate is lower, energy is much better, cravings are reduced to almost none, & have not had nor wanted sweet tea or soda pop but maybe once or twice in two months!! Thank You Plexus!!

Wendy says - Thanks to Plexus this is me now ! I've lost 40 pounds and numerous inches. I've dropped 2 diabetes pills , insulin, 3 blood pressure pills, 2 breathing treatments and 2 inhalers for asthma, migraine medication, and improved my cholesterol to a normal level again.

I take a slim and 1-2 accelerators either first thing after getting to work about 9am and eat breakfast 20-30 mins after OR I eat breakfast when I get to work and THEN take 20-30 mins after breakfast.

The pic on the right was some time in December (hence the Santa beard). The picture on the right is today. He takes 1 Slim drink and 2 BioCleanse in the morning and 2 BioCleanse and 2 ProBio5 at night. Plexus burns fat not muscle.

Jackie says - I never share my own pictures but thought it was about time. I'm down about 33lbs and countless inches. It hasn't been a fast process and sometimes definitely frustrating but I'm not willing to give up.

"Wow, what a difference two months makes!! I feel great, lost 25 lbs and I am no longer taking 4 prescription meds, no back and hip pain. Plexus has been a life saver for me, I will NEVER get another back injection and no more injections in the SI joints of my hips. " ~Denise Fitzhugh Parker

"Wow, what a difference two months makes!! I feel great, lost 25 lbs and I am no longer taking 4 prescription meds, no back and hip pain. Plexus has been a life saver for me, I will NEVER get another back injection and no more injections in the SI joints of my hips. " ~Denise Fitzhugh Parker

Betty says - Down 21 lbs! No more knee/back pain, no headaches when I wake up, no acid reflux at night, depression/anxiety meds way down, sleeping better, digestive issues gone, skin is healthier, less fatigue, more positive energy & just feeling great overall. Plexus has taken away the sugar & carb cravings & has given me the willpower that I lacked over food. Plexus is changing my life

Trena says - I'm thinking that Plexus has changed me since I heard about it in March 2013 and I began my journey in April 2013.. Not only on the inside but on the OUTSIDE too.. I feel 100% better every day. I eat better, I feel healthy and the weight is going away.. When I see the proof it makes me so so very happy that we believed enough to try it. ... Plexus is amazing to say the very least.. No one can convince me that its not worth the money. Invest in Yourself.....

AnaMaria says - I have really been hesitating posting my Plexus testimony and a before and after pic since I have not reached my goal yet. I started Plexus Slim with one accelerator a day. After a while I added two accelerators a day and two probio at night. I don't crave greasy fast food anymore and my sugar cravings have reduced. So far I have lost 12lbs and 4 pants sizes. Feels great to fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes again. I'm thankful to God for Plexus.

Adria says ~ I'd heard several good things about plexus so decided in mid Oct to give it a try! Since then I've lost 14lbs and have had only 3 migraines total!! Anxiety is way down and sleep better than I have in yrs. Love, love my slim and couldn't imagine life without it!

“Plexus Slim has Changed MY Life!!!” | Lovin' my Plexus Slim!

Rainy Jordan has lost 76 pounds in 7 months - and still going - with Plexus Slim! (Overweight... AND LOSING IT with Plexus!) #plexus #plexusslim #weightloss #transformation