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Craft ideas - borduren

The essential guide to handmade eyelets

Chain Stitched Hearts Tutorial

(2) / Foto # 66 - Creazione Point de Croix 7 - WhiteAngel

(2) / Foto # 66 - Creazione Point de Croix 7 - WhiteAngel

Sashiko - the purl bee. This is a really good tutorial.

Animal Jumpers Cross Stitch Cards for Kids / free templates at Mr Printables

Penguin and Fish embroidery samples ( embroidery kids animals hedgehog giraffe owl elephant lion zoo )

Honeycombed perfection!

easy sewing card templates for kids / make nice ornaments or gift tags too

DIY Animal Jumpers Cross Stitch Cards with FREE Printable Template

rocksea blog - picture tutorials for stitches

Hand Embroidery Letter Patterns | Embroidery Pattern ... by sew jen | Embroidery Pattern

I can't describe how much I love this animal alphabet. If I'm ever laid up on bedrest, this is what I'm going to do with my time.

The letter J: Free Monogram for Hand Embroidery has the whole alphabet

Monogram for Hand Embroidery: Celtic A - large (and able to see the rest of the alphabet)

S - from this alphabet on Needle 'n Thread: www.needlenthread... Worked with crayon and stitches. Nice job!