Scene Tracker for Writers

A simple technique to make the most of all the scenes you write and keep track of all the information is to create a visual representation of your story called a Scene Tracker. In creating a Scene Tracker for your individual project, you discover exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie. The Scene Tracker also works especially well for sorting out all the threads of your project, saving you both time and effort.
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The Scene Tracker tracks scene-by-scene all the dates and settings; the character’s emotional development and goals; the dramatic action; conflict; and the thematic significance, so that the whole does not become a tangled mess. The Scene Tracker helps you interweave all the threads for a successful narrative.

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"Here’s what my scene tracker for [Famous Last Words] looked like. It’s about six-feet long so it was hard to photograph the entire thing. Every scene from the book is included with columns for dates/setting, character emotional development, goal, dramatic action, conflict, change, theme details." Jennifer Salvato Doktorski author of How My Summer Went up in Flames.

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Scene makes the plot and is at the core structure of story. At best, each and every single scene advances the dramatic action plot of the story, develops the character, contributes to the theme, provides tension and conflict, and reflects a change in attitude or circumstances.

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A Scene Tracker example showing you rather than telling you how to track the three most important turning points in every great plot, using the classic romance novel Candle in the Window by Christina Dodd.

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7 Essential Elements of Scene - New Youtube video series. Using for an example: A Fault in Our Stars by John Green

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Working on my 13pg scene tracker, and totally just had a breakthrough on the End of Beginning Scene! Martha, I just plugged in your 7 elements of a scene in excel and moved a few things around but it's working beautifully for me... Thank you!

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The 1st scene in Cara Black's Murder in Montmartre on a Scene Tracker highlighting the 7th essential element of scene: thematic significance by Martha Alderson aka Plot Whisperer

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The following Scene Tracker shows how the first scene in Cara Black's Murder in Montmartre looks on a Scene Tracker.

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