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Plow & Hearth Pets (and their people) by Plow & Hearth

Our Plow & Hearth employees love cute animals, and we have plenty of pets of our own! Here are some photos of our Plow & Hearth pets...a few of them are even using Plow & Hearth pet products!

Plow & Hearth Pets (and their people) by Plow & Hearth

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More Murphy and the Cozy Comfort Blanket - he's grown a lot!

Cozy Comfort Micro Velour King Blanket | Pillows & Throws

That's sweet (not so little anymore) Murphy loving this wonderful dog bed and hamming it up for the camera!

42" Round Tufted Plush Velvet Pet Bed | Collection Accessories

Karen's horse Tony during a show. He is now ten years old (Cassie, his mom, is 24).

Karen's horse Tony at the ripe old age of 18 hours, saying , "Hey! I've GOT this 'standing' thing!"

Karen shares a photo of her mare, Cassie, and Cassie's foal, Tony.

Owner Linda works in the Madison Warehouse where she does embroidery and works on the packing line. This is her Australian Shepherd, Breezee, who was born 1-1-11. Keeping fit with daily walks, Breezee loves training and her newest skill is catching a Frisbee.

#PlowPets Michele's son with their 7-week-old boxer, Roxy.




Cindy's pit bulls Rosco and Debo with Von the kitten.

Copywriter Jennifer's cat, Inky. (She used to have "ink spots" on her head, but they faded away as she got older - the name no longer fits, but she won't answer to anything else!)

Plow & Hearth employee Arnie's dog, “Betty” chilling out on one of Plow and Hearth’s exceptional Hammocks. As you can see Betty is enjoying the hammock and just set aside her Ipad (which she used to order some more P&H products)!

Chong, Kim's other Chihuahua.

Kim, supervisor at our Winston-Salem Plow & Hearth store, sent in this picture of her boxer, Rosie, and one of her two Chihuahuas, Cheech.

From Sheila in Customer Service: "This is Francis. She was born September 21, 1997. She will be 17 next month, and she loves the snow. Her favorite thing to do is make snow angels."

Mandi, supervisor at our Winston-Salem Plow & Hearth store, sent in this picture of her cat, Kitty Gurl.

Assistant Photographer Jessica D. shares a photo of Parker, the stray-turned-feline-model you can find in our catalog and on our web site. Here's he's pictured with his "big brother," Captain.

Katie, supervisor at our Winston-Salem Plow & Hearth store, shares a photo of Vala (left) and Odin (right) lounging on a lazy Sunday.

Sandra W. shares a photo of the outrageous Oscar!

Plow & Hearth Photoshop Specialist Joe D. says there's nothing like an "after bike-ride wash" from his maltipoo, Tuzik.

Dana T. in Plow & Hearth customer service shares a picture of her best pal, Pooty the mini pinscher!

"Yes, I do have gorgeous eyes!"

Chloe the kitten wants to go for a walk!

"Chloe the kitten wants to be famous when she grows up," says Plow & Hearth Graphic Designer April H.