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The Three Oddest Words, To Wislawa Szymborska (1923-2012): This is to push me to keep writing, especially now that I have spiralled into a shy shell of silence. I need this poem to cup not only in my hands but also to my ear so I can hear echoes of what words can do, what words should do. This is to dearest Wislawa, and to the everlasting power of language. Better pictures when I’m not feeling too holiday-lazy. Tattoo by Dyun Depasupil.

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With the stereotype that surrounds tattooing you might have been put off by garish and bold designs or not have been able to find something that truly represents you. Well, a new era of tattooing has come forth - one that is simple, stylish and elegant.

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This group is exacly what the title says; tattoos by anyone. Feel free to post pictures of your own tattoo, or pictures you find online. There is only one rule, DO NOT post porn. It will be deleted, and so will you.

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Symbol Of The Deathly Hallows: The Story Of The 3 Brothers The Triangle becomes Of The Invisibility Cloak, the Stone Circle and Resurrection, the Elder Wand Line.

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