Plymouth Archaeological Rediscovery Project

Plymouth Archaeological Rediscovery Project

Southeastern Massachusetts / Plymouth Archaeological Rediscovery Project provides professional archaeological, educational and research services throughout New England.
Plymouth Archaeological Rediscovery Project
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Lots of reports available to download as well as various blogs about UK archaeology.

Wessex Archaeology have offices in Salisbury, Sheffield, Maidstone, Bristol, Welshpool and Edinburgh.

Cake anyone?

This cake is in the form of a section, with turf and layers, and a trowel beside it. It was made by Basingstoke Archaeological & Historical Society member Nicola Turton for a farewell party for a previous chairman, Tim Herrington.

Although I haven't seen it in the US, this looks like a good magazine from the UK.

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Amazing magazine on archaeology in the UK

Amazing magazine on archaeology in the UK

Modern 17th Century

Young James Norrington, POTC I've often wondered how old he is here and what the age difference between him and Elizabeth is.

Agawam Site Lithic Analysis

This report covers the specialist analysis of the lithic assemblage from the Agawam site, a possible village site, in Wareham, MA.

Point Typology

Home Page for those interested in Ancient Native American Arrowheads or Projectile Points

Pilgrim John Howland Society

Rocky Nook Located on a small peninsula of land, Rocky Nook represents the core of the farmstead purchased by John Howland from John Jenny in 1638 and held by three generations of Howlands.

Alden House

If only the pilgrims were as prosperous as the photo suggests. Read the Plymouth Adventure to get the real scoop.

Pilgrim Hall

Pilgrim Hall, built in is a gallery museum in the center of historic Plymouth, Massachusetts. The nation’s oldest continuously–operating public museum, Pilgrim Hall houses an unmatched collection of Pilgrim possessions.

Plymouth Antiquarian Society

Plymouth Antiquarian Society Hosts a Very Fairy Christmas Dec 8 and Call for more information.