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It makes me smile

It makes me smile

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Minion Quotes - Minion Quotes's Photos

The 27 Naughtiest Cats In The World (Hilarious Cat Shaming Gallery)


I Have Faith In The Next Generation

Funny eCards Photo Gallery #2 - Karma Jello

Funny eCards Photo Gallery #2 - Karma Jello

Grumpy Cat ...

LOL - Best Funny Cartoon Joke! - Jokes R Us

So true

Hp Lyrikz - Inspiring Quotes


Hilarious Weight-Loss Quotes to Instantly Feel Better About Your Diet

This describes my week at work perfectly...

Me, every time!

Funny Minion Quotes Of The Day

Funny Minion Quotes Of The Week

So much of the time!


.So true

Whenever you feel sad

selective participation

Selective Participation Funny Poster

Truth! 2 types of people.

Haha. Love this! ;)

bryn alexandra: Pinterest - Good Therapy

When She Acts Like a Drama Queen - 10 ANNOYING Things Women Do that Guys Hate

9 Answers To The 2nd Worst Thanksgiving Question

Lord, keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth!

Pink Polka Dot Creations | Page 2

-and then I go back to hugging my beard.


Going to print this on a t-shirt and wear to work. yup.

Chuck's Fun Page 2: An e-card blast

Ain't this the truth - Fifty Shades of Grey is only romantic because the guy is a Billionaire. If he lived in a trailer it would be an episode of CriminalMinds.