The mission of Partners Mentoring Youth is to create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships between positive adult role models and youth facing challeng
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Yes! I have been teaching my girls this for years (thanks to MY mentor mom yrs. ago) but have never seen it written. I always say...Is it TRUE? Is it NICE? Is it NECESSARY? This quote is pretty close :)

It's Make a Difference Day-a day to get started on community service. Do what you can to make a difference where you can. If you already have-great!

"Have I been zealous to do, and active in doing, good? That is, have I embraced every probable opportunity of doing good, and preventing, removing, or lessening evil? Have I pursued it with my might? Have I thought anything too dear to part with, to serve my neighbor?" -John Wesley

Using just two ingredients, this super fun bubble blower painting will have your kids spellbound! How about painting on a sheet that will let the light shine through on the light box!