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home-made fly trap The "recipe" I'm going to use is: 3 cups of water ¼ (one quarter) cup sugar ¼ (one quarter) cup white vinegar by clara

Amazing for Camping--just hang it from a tree. DIY: ORGANIC FLY TRAP Supplies: A two-liter soda bottle (used) Sharp knife A wire hanger Match, lighter, or stove gas flame Electric tape Bait (like a small piece of meat or dog poo mixed with water!

Make your own Washer Pendant Necklaces

PENDANT NECKLACES: ◾Washers (pick up at Hardware store, I found mine at Fred Meyer) ◾Scrapbook Paper (smaller designs work best) ◾Mod Podge ◾Judikins Diamond Glaze, ◾Paintbrush ◾Cording ◾Cord Tips ◾Jump Rings ◾Clasps ◾Needle Nose Pliers