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$3.99 Hollywood Movie Film Director's Slateboard Clapper Clapperboard Prop

Our Hollywood Slateboard Film Production Clapper is a working production clapboard. You've seen film directors always using the movie clapper and that's what we have! Our Hollywood Film Production Sla

$5.40 Each package includes: Five (5) Stanchion Stands Four (4) Red Velvet-like Ropes Measure: Poles: (34½) inches Ropes: (5) feet (3) inches Material: Thin-Plastic sheet Cut out stanchion pictures and attach to walls using tape or thumbtacks NOTE: THESE ARE NOT FREE-STANDING Check out our Black-Tie Scene Setter if you want to transform your entire wall into a big production.

A nice addition to your Hollywood Party would be the Stanchion Party Props. These red rope decorations can be easily attached to your wall. There are 9 Stanchion Party Props to a package, and they are made of a thin plastic material.

hollywood backdrops | Film Reel Entrance Backdrop Kit

Film Reel Entrance Backdrop Kit Props - A selection of four wide numbered backdrops - create a Film Reel effect, putting a twist on the traditional VIP Red Carpet Entrance at your Hollywood themed event.