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Kurt Vonnegut Explains “How to Write With Style”

Kurt Vonnegut Explains “How to Write With Style”

What To Do When You Have Writer's Block

What To Do When You Have Writer's Block

Whether you write romance, poetry, steampunk, fantasy, literary fiction, horror, or how-to books, your work matters....

10 Rules For Aspiring Women Writers

If You Can Write, You Can Blog -- And It's Imperative You Do!

How Writers Can Blog Like Pros

Confessions of a Bad Writer Gone Good

The Hilariously Awful Youthful Writings Of Successful Authors

Down with comma splices!

Are You Breaking This Basic Grammar Rule?

Writing Your First Novel: Five Fundamentals for Your Path to the Pulitzer

5 Fundamental Tips For Writing Your First Novel

How Not To Write Your First Novel

How To Break All The Rules. At Grammarly, we tend to focus on the nuts and bolts of writing; after all, our business is correcting other people's grammar. But for every so-called rule there exists an exception. This summer, we recommend doing something radical: break all the rules.

Writing Tip: Break All The Rules

Nail care no-no's - break these bad nail habits now!

Confused By The Comma? Here's Your Guide

How To Write Your Manifesto In 5 Steps

How To Begin Your Book With A Knockout

How To Begin Your Book

5 Unforgettable Ways To End Your Book; And 1 You Should Never Use

5 Smart Ways To End Your Book

8 Tips for Dazzling an Editor With Your Personal Essay

How I Wrote a Novel at Work

How I Wrote a Novel at Work

3 Quick Cures For Common Writing Woes

3 Quick Cures For Writer's Block

As a writer and former English teacher I sensed this. But now, science agrees with me. Yes, it's official. The New York Times says we learn more and express ourselves better when we write long hand.

The Joys and Benefits of Cursive Writing

What's the One Key Ingredient Every Great Story Needs?

The Key Element Every Story Needs

Story Writing From Start To Finish: Don't Get Lost In The Middle

Story Writing From Start To Finish

Storytelling 101

7 Tips For Telling A Compelling Story

Fiction is the willing suspension of disbelief--the reader knows they're being kidded. The novelist's job is to make them forget this. With memoir, the reader needs to believe you're telling the truth.

10 Tips For Writing A Memoir That Sells

Read Ezra Pound’s List of 23 “Don’ts” For Writing Poetry (1913)

The Art Of Using Correct Verb Tenses In Your Writing #ZooSeo

The Imperative Element Your Writing Might Be Missing