Body Type Diet, Exercise, and Profile for a Type Two

Body Type Diet, Exercise, and Profile for a Type Two -

How To Lose Weight According To Your Body Type

The WHOot

Turbocharge Your Metabolism | The WHOot

Costume ideas for running Disney events. These feature Team Sparkle skirts, but can be adapted to any other skirt companies as well.

what should i wear & how should i wear it

Dos and Don'ts of running Disney

The Dos and Don'ts of Running A Disney Race -

Diastasis Recti - What it is and how to correct it. Why some mommies shouldn't do crunches. Bikini Body Mommy

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Just Add Good Stuff is all about promoting health and nutrition. As part of our educational materials, we’ve launched the Just Add INFOGRAPHIC SERIES. The infographic series includes health benefits, nutritional information, facts and figures about various vegetables, fruits and whole foods that you should add to your diet and nutrition program. We’ve made it easy to learn through presenting information in an image based format (called an Infograph or Infogram). Hope you enjoy them!

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Essential Vitamins and Minerals: Many, perhaps most, of us do not get our necessary vitamins and minerals each and every day. Over time that causes serious problems.


The Science of Vitamins and the Body

17 Signs of impaired liver detoxification - Butter Nutrition

Butter Nutrition

17 Signs of impaired liver detox - Butter Nutrition

25 Amazing Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Skin, Hair And Health

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Tongue diagnosis, is another cornerstone of Chinese Medicine Practice

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17 Amazing Benefits Of Alfalfa For Skin, Hair And Health #nutribullet

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Magnesium deficiency is known in research circles as the silent epidemic of our times. Many of the signs of low magnesium are not unique to magnesium deficiency, making it difficult to diagnose with 100% accuracy. Thus quite often low magnesium levels go completely unrecognized and untreated. Here are 10 Warning Signs of Magnesium Deficiency - Selfcarers

10 Warning Signs of Magnesium Deficiency - Selfcarers

homeopathic vaccine alternatives

Nosodes: Homeopathic Alternative to Vaccines | The Healthy Home Economist

How to Naturally Cleanse Your Body

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The Health Benefit of #Nuts


The Health Benefits of Nuts (INFOGRAPHIC) - Diet & Exercise

Everything you need to know about turmeric!

The Turmeric Miracle - Natural Holistic Health Therapies

reasons to drink lemon water

Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water - Lemon Water -

400 companies that DO NOT use GMOs in their products

400 Companies That DO NOT Use GMOs in Their Products

How to heal your organs with juicing. #health #nutrition


Heal Your Organs With the Secret Powers of Fruits & Veggies. ~ David Kovacs {Infographic}

Health Benefits of Medicinal Teas [infographic]

Health Benefits of Medicinal Teas [infographic]

Raw honey health benefits - It doesn't have to be the creamy kind, as pictured. Find a local beekeeper and buy their unpasteurized honey or jarred honeycomb. The difference between that and store bought "substitute" will amaze you! *Save the bees-go organic and don't use toxins in your garden. :)

Body Unburdened

The health benefits of raw honey - Body Unburdened

Ear reflexology Options for applying your #YLEO! to purchase or learn more about oils! Plus find out what your FREE gift is!!

The Oil Dropper

Brakely.Com: Ear reflexology

Goat milk benefits

Dr. Axe

Goat Milk Benefits Are Superior to Cow Milk - Dr. Axe

An eyebrow raises skeptically... "What. Are. You. Drinking?" Kombucha! It's fizzy and a bit sour, but I find it very tasty. And we made this infographic to help you learn more about it. ...

Infographic: OK, so what the heck is kombucha?