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The Feynman Technique for learning

The Feynman Technique is perfect for learning a new idea, understanding an existing idea better, remembering an idea, or studying for a test. The Feynman Technique is a mental model that was coined…

Fictional City Maps on Behance

Daggerford A top-down overview of the walled town of Daggerford. This archetypal fantasy city map was created to accompany the D&D Encounters adventure "Scourge of the Sword Coast".

Fictional City Maps

A hi-res map of the iconic Forgotten Realms city of Baldur's Gate; originally created for the D&D Sundering Adventure Murder in Baldur's Gate by authors Ed Greenwood, Matt Sernett, and Steve Winter

RPG Buildings Set #graphicriver

Buy RPG Buildings Set by Szynszyla on GraphicRiver. RPG Buildings Set compares pixel graphics of medieval buildings with terrain details, all in isometric view.

Thornwall This fantasy town is sheltered within the relative safety of an ancient elven defensive hedge and serves as a home base for the roleplaying game setting "World of Aetaltis" by Marc Tassin.

This poster sized map of a classic fantasy town serves as a home base and establishes the visual environment for the roleplaying game setting "World of Aetaltis" by Marc Tassin.

Qeynos Catacombs -- EQ Atlas

Site with maps and guides to travelling the world of Everquest by Sony and Verant Interactive.