[TRAVEL] Visit Jordan

What an amazing adventure to Visit Jordan and the lost city of Petra.
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Jordan by Night - Walking down the Siq at night, I couldn't wait for the moment that I stared at The Treasury. It is a magical walk you must do! The Top Things To Do In Jordan - PointsandTravel.com

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A beautiful spectacle - Wadi Mujib, #Jordan a must see for your next travel #Adventure. www.gweet.com

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Petra, Jordan By Night - Petra by night is an after-dark, guided excursion down the Siq to the Treasury in Jordan’s famous carved city. It gets mixed reviews on the travel forums and Tripadvisor about whether or not it is worth it to go while visiting Jordan. I thought it was an amazing experience and one worth doing, so don’t let the naysayers keep you from enjoying it. I loved it!

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Trip budget with cost breakdown for a week in Jordan, visiting Petra, Amman and the Dead Sea #Jordan #costs #budget

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Jordan - Dead Sea. Facts about Jordan: Area: 89,206 sq km. Lies on the eastern bank of the Jordan River. Agriculture and population are concentrated near the river. Most of the country is desert. Population: 6,472,392. Capital: Amman. Official language: Arabic. Languages: 16

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Ruins of the street columns of the Cardo Maximus in the ancient Decapolis city of Gerasa (modern day Jerash, Jordan.

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