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The Art of Teaching

The Art of Teaching

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The best elementary school art blog I have ever seen. Lesson plans for k through 5th grade.

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50 Best Books for Teachers

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More than 60 great watercolor art activities for kids!

Watercolor Techniques :: 60+ Watercolor Projects Kids Love

A Must See Visual Featuring The 5 Levels of Student Engagement ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

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A handy chart detailing the different levels of choice-based art ed.

Where Are You on the Choice Spectrum? | The Art of Ed

The best elementary school art blog I have ever seen. Lesson plans for k through 5th grade.

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How to Draw Out the Very Best Artwork from Your Students

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Exit Slips in the Art Room: Plus a whole list of exit slip prompts to inspire you.

Using Exit Slips in the Art Room | The Art of Ed

give students a color and have them place it on the board

mrspicasso's art room: Planning An Art Curriculum

Teach the Masters- Art Lessons: A Round-Up of lessons from Deep Space Sparkle that focus on the Masters. Awesome!

Thirty art lessons that teach the Masters

have students make a miro inspired sculpture from clay?

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Jasper Johns Style Painting using their names

Denver 6-12 Art: Jasper Johns Style Painting - 7th grade

Helpful post on effective use of the workshop framework.

KinderGals: Math Workshop-Classroom Set Up 2014

Excellent How-To for a hanging art show!

Art Program / Open House Art Show

directories for elementary art teacher blogs, middle school and high school blogs. categorized!

New Art Teacher Blog Directories - Art is Basic

art history simplified :)

ArtsBeat: Art History Simplified

Great collection of photography cheat sheets

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Sharpie & rubbing alcohol Project!

Artistic Freedom

art lesson plans by grade with bio, lesson plan, samples of artwork, and artist portrait

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CLASS FINGERPRINT ART: What an amazing gift for a teacher! Assign a different color for each child in the class. Lightly trace a simple, but elegant outline on a large sheet of paper. Have the students take turns dipping their fingers in their paint color and adding it to the design. At the bottom of the page have each student sign the art by writing their name under their color dot.

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“kaleidoscope painting” paint the lid of a cup with black paint and use it to stamp overlapping circles. once it dries, paint inside each shape with a different color.

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A handy visual with 10 design tips. Click on the image to learn more.

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lesson on Eric Carle WES Kindergarten Art, AND a Starry Night Mural lesson halfway down the page.

WES Kindergarten Art

Nana Nozaki

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Enjoying Art With Your Children - great tips from Rediscovered Furniture Families

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