Your ultimate guide to Pole Dance is here. Seven cards divided in seven levels with pictures and name tricks. Download your and start your training. #poledancetutorial #poledancepassport #poletricks #poledancetrick

The 'Swan' Pole Trick - Elizabeth Marchenko - YouTube

This is an advanced pole trick. It takes strength, ballance and a good strong grip. It helps if you've mastered the reverse aysha.

Cupid to ayesha by Marlo Fisken for

Pole Trick - Phoenix Spin

Advanced pole trick tutorial: Reverse straight edge - YouTube

Pole dance Tutorial #6 Трюки: Вариация шпагата "Штопор" или Val Split #poletrick #poletutorial

Pole dance tutorial: Elbow grip handspring - YouTube

Free Pole Dance Lesson with Vladimir Karachunov: Advanced Chinese Pole

Pole Dance Move Tutorial: Side Saddle Superman

The Fullmoon Trick Tutorial - YouTube

Cleo's hot new pole trick!

Advanced Pole Trick Tutorial: One arm Scorpio Handstand

Charlee Shae Wagner Dragon's tail tutorial - YouTube

Advanced pole trick tutorial: Reverse straight edge - YouTube

Trick Tip: Janiero - YouTube

Machine gun pole trick tutorial by Kristy Sellars - YouTube

Two Minute Tutorial - Marion Amber #poledance #poletricks

Two Minute Tutorial - Spatchcock The move made famous by Felix Cane! Shot at NY Pole Dancing - Music - "Emerald Eyes," by The Orion Experience - #poledance #poletricks

Pole dance trick - "Anastasia" by Anastasia Skukhtorova #poledance #poletricks #polecombo

Carlie Hunter 2 ways into the sneaky V. #poledance #poletricks #poledancetutorial

Pole Dance Training - advanced

Charlee Shae Wagner Dragon's tail tutorial. #poledance #poletrick

Yukari Split with Yukari Makino. #poledance #poletricks #poletutorial

Arched rainbow