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Poll Pursuit

Poll Pursuit is the social polling service that asks you simple questions about your thoughts on current affairs, sports, entertainment, and technology

Who is the hottest British personality nowadays?

Which can save us from the global economy crisis?

Should Twitter follow in the footsteps of Facebook and eliminate fake Twitter followers?

What do you think of the Cybercrime Prevention law in the Philippines?

Do you think the new Myspace will be a success?

Who would you pick to win a dance-off between Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen?

Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian to host X Factor?

Which team will win the 2012 Ryder Cup?

How do you think is iPhone 5 different from the iPhone 4S?

The Hobbit to get a Royal premier: react!

Who is the best active men's tennis player?

Will you buy or upgrade to the iPhone 5?

Does Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi deserve Washington’s highest honor? #burma #pollpursuit #facebookapplication

How long will Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively last?

What is iPhone 5's biggest disappointment?

When will Gwen Stefani have a third child? #pollpursuit #pollgames #surveygames #facebookapplication

Should Samsung products be banned in the US following Apple's win in the patent infringement case? #pollpursuit #pollgames #surveygames #facebookapplication

Want to see Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren in more films? #pollpursuit #pollgames #surveygames #facebookapplication

In deciding which person to vote for, which do you use?

John Mayer is dating a lot of girls right now, who among those girls deserve his attention? Pollpursuit wants to know your opinion about this.. #pollpursuit #pollgames #surveygames

Apple’s iPhone 5 September 2012 Release: Fact or Fiction #iphone5 #appleiphone #iphone5rumors

2 days more and we will find out who will win the most prestigious prize in the internet. Keep voting now at https://apps.facebook.com/pollpursuit #pollgames #surveygames #pollpursuit

The advantage of having a poll is it represents of what the general public thinks or feel about a certain issue. Poll games like pollpursuit is one simple way to cast a poll or survey #pollgames #surveygames #pollpursuit