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This teacher, mom and grandmother of five....who call me Gramcracker...writes from the heart about kids and families who inspire, encourage and guide me every day! Follow Gramcracker Crumbs on Facebook or my website. www.

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Grandparents Day Candy Gram

Grand Candy Gram - Focus on the Family

Gather poster board pencil candy: Bit-O-Honey, Skor bar, Snickers, Good & Plenty, 100 Grand, Milky Way, Mounds, Hershey Kisses, Hershey Hugs small package of nuts tape markers stickers (optional) Go 1. Write the following message in pencil on poster board, leaving room for the candy words in brackets: Dear Grandpa and Grandma, You are sweeter […]

Reading makes you grow!


How to Choose Names for Grandparents

How to Choose Names for Grandparents - 5 Minutes for Mom

We’re excited to introduce a long time reader and blogging friend of ours… Teresa Kindred from She is a former teacher, author of several books, public speaker, event planner, friend, dog lover, chief cook and reluctant housekeeper. Teresa is going to be joining us regularly to share a new column called “5 Minutes with... Read More

For my granddaughters.....advice from 50 years ago that's still appropriate and meaningful today!

Advice for a College Bound Daughter...From 50 Years Ago

I have the letter my mom wrote to me and left under my pillow that first night in my college dorm room after the family had moved me in, hugged me goodbye and driven away.

Close Grandparent-Adult Grandchildren Relationships = Less Depression

Close Grandparent-Adult Grandchildren Relationships = Less Depression

Close Grandparent-Adult Grandchildren Relationships = Less Depression, so says a study by Brown College. My own experience bears that out.

My Grandma baby Shower

My Grandbaby Shower

Grandmother showers are a relatively new phenomenon - and a lovely one! Joan Stommen truly enjoyed the shower for her granddaughter. Read more from Joan on her blog, Gramcracker Crumbs. Marching into spring means lots


My childhood was a waste of time…

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Turning 70 is not aging, It's increasing in value! I've got wisdom, good heath,fabulous friends and five grandkids....sounds pretty rich to me!

Gramcracker Crumbs

Senior, Single and SeventySomething This year, 2020, I’ll be alone, staying home and staying safe. But I’m still dancing to oldies via,...

A poignant memory of a love lost.

'Til Death Do Us Part

Forty seven years and six days after we spoke our wedding vows; we were forever parted by death. In the middle of an August afternoon, my husband laid down for a nap and never woke

Unexpected love blossoms between the lines at Western Herald

Change, growth and new beginnings describe the booming environment on Western Michigan University’s campus in the early 1960s. Wood Hall had just become fully operational as the largest classroom structure

My daughter at six....her personality already shining through!


This is a throwback post from my daughter's childhood and my poetry writing phase . This one really grabbed me; Tracy's younge...

From Empty Nest to Full House, Selling and Saying Goodbye

From Empty Nest to Full House, Selling and Saying Goodbye

If I could wrap my arms around this house, I'd thank it for letting us become grandparents, for allowing us to grow old together and eventually, for givi...

Kids love cardboard boxes! Check these ideas out!

Grandma's Briefs — Home — GRAND Social No. 97 and Mickey's Gotcha Day

MICKEY'S GOTCHA DAY Though Jim and I held no big birthday blowout of any sort, last Friday was the "gotcha day" for Mickey, our pointer-pit bull bundle of love. Then... Now...

Celebrating Birthdays at any age means growing older, bolder and more valuable!

Celebrating Birthdays at All Ages

So you’re a little bit older and a lot less bolder than you used to be” sings Bob Seger; one of my favorites from the 60’s! I’m proud to say I sang and danced to