Il etait une histoire - website full of songs and stories in French. Many with audio

This website features songs and stories in French, which can be used for a guided reading activity to promote listening and reading skills.

FREE 65 French Winter Holiday Writing Prompts

LIZ'S LESSONS FREE Have your students practice their French writing skills with some holiday themed writing prompts! This document contains 65 different writing prompts centered around Christmas, Hanukkah, and the New Year.

Poster - Les formes - Little Linguist

Poster (A3) - Les formes

Poster to teach different shapes in French.

French Tips and Freebies e-Book for teachers of French / FSL / MFL / FLE - Ressources gratuites pour professeurs de français

For my French teaching colleagues French Resources e-Book. We are excited to offer you Tips and Freebies that will warm your hearts and your classrooms. Afin de profiter p.

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This word wall contains 47 sport words, all illustrated, to help students acquire more French vocabulary. It includes all the sports from the Winter Games in Sochi as well as several words related to hockey.

Les sports - French Vocabulary Word Wall of Sports (including winter olympics)


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Why Language Learning is Important Infographic

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