sandra sandra

sandra sandra

manic dude!!!!!love to meet people.....and thats it all about!!!!!
sandra sandra
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The #GirlLove Challenge

This lovely video made by Lilly Singh challenges all the girls out there to stop the spread of girl on girl bullying.


Oh, did we stop doing that? :) this is me.i just sit there with a fake smile and laugh haha

LOL SO TRUE POSTS - Funniest relatable posts on Tumblr.

LOL SO TRUE POSTS me in the car just leave me alone and not hit me to get my attention

all the time

So true. I am constantly on my IMDB app during movies and shows at home lol

Teenager Posts

I saw a four year old girl with a phone. I was twelve and I still didn't have a phone.

Teenager Posts Of The Week! (3/07/14)

Especially when you need to prove something later because Shyla never believes me until I shove it in her face! "Yes you really did say that!

|| P I N T E R E S T || @agmyeverythingx

Not just a messy bun, but anything I do to my hair before bed is perfect. It's so annoying!


But argue with me, and I will remember everything and will use it a little bit each time (also I will think of it constantly and have arguments inside my head for a long time, incase we do argue again) so yeah it best for the both of us if we don't fight.