This gorgeous flower is The Path hibiscus.  It is by far my favorite flower.

This gorgeous flower is The Path hibiscus. It is by far my favorite flower. I love this, I want that as a tattoo

Cherry blossoms.  Beautiful one can almost smell the wonderful fragrance from these blossoms.

Prunus serrulata, the Japanese cherry tree known as sakura, covers Tokyo in pale pink snow every year during blossom season. Hardy in growing zones the Japanese flowering cherry is the sort of interestingly shaped small tree

The black roses are found in a region in Turkey called "Halfatty" . They are very rare . This type has two colours ,which makes it 1000 Times RARE !!

Gardening- such a beautiful rose! Rosa 'Osiria' (Rose 'Osiria') Hybrid tea or large glowering bush rose,upright habit.Flowers summer and autumn,fragrant,doubles with deep red inside petals and silver-white on outside of each petal.

Persian cornflower (Centaurea dealbata) flower bud.  Reminds me of the Lorax. :)

Persian cornflower (Centaurea dealbata) flower bud that reminds me of the truffala trees in the Lorax!

Pretty soft pink rose

Blessed Valentine's Day everyone. May everyone feel the love of God and of self today. You are loved - you are love.

Jovellana violacea.        If you look at it for a bit it makes you feel like each little flower is laughing. :)

Jovellana violacea is an unusual rarity from Chile with colorful sprays of happy little flowers! The plant doesn’t have a common name, so i named it the violet Teacup Flower

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Succulents are so beautiful! I've posted a picture of succulents before, but I just couldn't resist! Look at all these beautiful colors, and imagine owning these succulents! Succulents are Easy to take care of as house plants and Absolutely beautiful!

It looks like one huge petal

Callafornia Sun Give someone pink calla lilies if you want to convey the message Youre a blast and I dont know what Id do without you. Callafornia Sun Give someone…

祂雪采集到一叶一菩提 - 花瓣

Dahlias always remind me of my Grandma.she used to grow the most beautiful dinner plate dahlias in her backyard! Lots of other beautiful flowers and veggies, but her dahlias were AMAZING!

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