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Cool Life Hacks…

Cool Life Hacks…

10 of the Best Travel Destinations Before They are gone. #infographic

10 Places to see before they're gone

Best and Worst Majors. This is a nice infographic, but it also points out that my actual major (Religious Studies) and what I currently do (Graphic Design) are at the bottom of the heap.

The Top 10 Worst College Majors, Definitively Ranked

19 Best Paying Jobs for Women in 2013 | #infographics repinned by @Piktochart

London's free museums and galleries -

London's free museums and galleries - infographic elements |

Celebrities have a lot going on. They are making millions and have to figure out how to spend it. They are loved by almost everyone and most of the ti

Infographic: Celebrities with Mental Disorders

The Depressing Statistics about Anti-Depressants...don't believe everything you see on an infograph:

Infographic: The Depressing Statistics about Anti-Depressants

Bipolar Disorder Self Screening Test Infographic

Online Bipolar Test

Personality Traits that may lead to mental illness Infographic -- This is a helpful chart to keep yourself and your mental and emotional states in healthy balance. Do you see yourself here?


Winnie the Pooh characters and their Mental Illnesses. Reminds me of a little rant given by the wonderful @Alicia Winters back in those good ol' junior high days... :)

Mental Illnesses

The Sleep and Depression Connection Explained (Infographic) - Causes - Depression

Change your thoughts; change your life! Sticky negative thinking is like flypaper! It can be difficult to let it go. This is a good infographic on the most common negative thoughts and principles to combat them. I wish they had come up with possible replacements for each thought. For example, "I'll mess up." could be replaced with "I will do the best I can" or "I can learn from my mistakes"....

Positive Thinking |

Bipolar Disorder Self Screening Test Infographic by A Health Blog, via Flickr

#Bipolar Disorder #Infographic

Ketamine for Bipolar Depression Treatment


I have bipolar disorder type 2. Not all of these apply to an individual at once. I have hypo mania.

The Ups and Downs of Bipolar Disorder

The Ups and Downs of BiPolar Disorder - Nursing School Hub

Bipolar disorder has a higher statistical rate of suicides than major depression or schizophrenia.... Bipolar infographic www.healthyplace....

Bipolar Disorder Infographic An infographic showing the symptoms, diagnosis, prevalence, causes, and treatment of Bipolar Disorder, which is...

Bipolar Illness Soo many people need to see this!!

Bipolar Disorder

10 Tips for Living Better with Bipolar Disorder