L'Audi R8 è un po' quel sogno proibito che mi piace fare tutte le notti… Nella sua versione nero opaco, poi, diventa la vettura più accattivante che potrei guidare (in pista, ovviamente)…

Matte Black Audi with Black Racing Stripe. This Audi looks fast even standing still.

2015 BMW i8 looks like a future classic (pictures) - CNET Reviews

2015 BMW i8 looks like a future classic (pictures

Coolest and cutest BMW car ever! #BMW #babycar

BMW Stroller Is driving an expensive car while wearing expensive clothes and pricey jewelry not enough of a show of wealth for you? Then you need to make sure your kid is strolling in style with this BMW Stroller, the ultimate show of infantile decadence.

BMW M6 Gran Coupe - Check out the rest of the entries and have your vote by hitting the image…

Finalist Announced For World Car Of The Year! Who Gets your Vote?

Chanel Fiole Automobile

A South Korean car designer, Jinyoung Jo, has created a fashion concept car inspired by Chanel: Chanel Fiole concept.