This painting by Samantha French creates great movement.

Brooklyn, NY artist Samantha French

Nice Water Reflections - "Fall In" - Samantha French, oil on canvas, 2010 {contemporary artist figurative underwater female woman painting}

Love this mural.

(FIND kids in slides) -beach Honestly. Can we just invite graffiti artists to make art on all the horrible looking places in cities? The world would be much more interesting and beautiful.

Swimming Pool Installation In 21st Century Museum Of Art Of Kanazawa. Such a creative way to make an installation.

Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich created this fake pool called The Swimming…

This metal fish sculpture installation is amazing.

Concept Modeling For Metallic Sculpture : – Picture : – Description Metal always has been and always will be my favorite art medium. Leigh Dyer metal sculptures -Read More –

This sculpture at the Infinite Gallery in Montreal is such and impressive sculpture we had to share it.

Montreal Botanical Garden is a Historic Site in QC. Plan your road trip to Montreal Botanical Garden in QC with Roadtrippers.

Beautiful photo incorporating drops of pigment in water.

Making a splash: Aqueous Electreau water art by photographer Mark Mawson

A picture from the Aqueous Electreau series by photographer Mark Mawson. This stunning image was created by dropping different hues and densities of paint to water. The result is complex kaleidoscopes of colour that Mark describes as "alien".

Digital Fountain in Chicago. Enjoy some art on a hot day.

Jaume Plensa, Crown Fountain, Chicago, southwest corner of Millenium Park. Glass towers stand at each end of a shallow reflecting pool. Faces of Chicago residents are displayed onto LED screens - looks like they are spitting water.

Cancun's Underwater Sculpture Park looks like an amazing place to dive.

Cancun's underwater sculpture park

Diving at the Underwater Museum, Cancun, Mexico photo by REUTERS/Ho New. Divers swim near Jason de Caires Taylor’s “The Man on Fire,” one of several sculptures immersed in the water off Cancun.