Words of Affirmation: This is another example of the wrinkled heart analogy. This teaches kids the results of hurtful words and explains to them in a concrete way why giving words of affirmation is so important. I love the poem and band aids on this one!

This lesson plan is SERIOUSLY AMAZING.How to erase meanness. This is relevant no matter the grade level, and it's so hard to find a way to teach these lessons effectively. Such a GREAT idea!

To promote kindness in the classroom...this is the time of year we all need a new idea! have students make a shout out about another student who is doing good. Could use for staff!

You failed. 37 second video to reinforce that failure is an important part of learning! Terrific as a discussion starter!

the grinch....everytime an act of kindness is witnessed in the classroom a heart is put on the grinch

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