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We Love Moms!

Photos of PAI staff and their moms, and PAI moms with their kids! You can help moms around the world by donating to PAI. Medication for the most common pregnancy and post-partum complications costs less than $1 — and it can save a woman's life. #MomsMatter

We Love Moms!

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Danielle Zielinski is PAI's Senior Communications Officer. "This is me (on the left), my mom, and my sister, Marie, at my 30th birthday party. My mom might be the smallest of the three of us, but she's also the fiercest." #MomsMatter

Carolyn Vogel is PAI's Chief Operating Officer. “My eleven year old daughter, Maren, is at that precious stage hovering between childhood and adolescence – one minute a little girl, the next so grown up. Early adolescence is a time of growth and vulnerability for girls around the world. In this picture, Maren spent the day working at PAI, helping out in the library and finance department while learning more about PAI’s mission to help women and girls live the lives they dream of.” #MomsMatter

A. Tianna Scozzaro is PAI's Population and Climate Associate. "My mom, Sharyl, was an RN in the Mother-Infant Unit at our local hospital for 30 years. Her love and dedication to her work in caring for newborns and their mothers inspires the work I do today. She has also taught me strength, compassion, and a love for travel." #MomsMatter

Rebecca is a Legislative Policy Analyst at PAI. "My mom raised me to be a strong and independent woman and always encouraged me to follow my dreams. While I was growing up, she was always organizing fundraisers or volunteering with programs to help out our schools and neighborhood, which instilled in me the importance of working to make a difference in your community and the world." #MomsMatter

  • Maria Dennis
    Maria Dennis

    I am so proud of all of the work you do!

  • Rebecca Dennis
    Rebecca Dennis

    Thanks Mom!

Gina is PAI's Research Associate and GIS Specialist. "This is me with my mom and me with my son. One of the greatest memories I have of my mom is demonstrative of her love and unconditional support. For my college graduation she sent me flowers with a card that said, “YOU are the sunshine of my life.” She probably doesn’t remember it but it is something I will never forget. My goal as a mom is to make sure my son knows I cherish him with the same fervor." #MomsMatter

Emma Weinstein-Levey is PAI's Communications Coordinator. "This is my mom and I at two months old, plus our dog Missy. I feel so lucky she was able to access the healthcare she needed to bring me into this world safely!" #MomsMatter

Haley is a Legislative Policy Analyst at PAI. "Two of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned from my mom is the importance of helping others, and sticking up for what you believe in. It is through her continual acts of kindness that I have come to learn the importance of working on behalf of those who need you the most." #MomsMatter

Suzanne Ehlers, PAI President and CEO: "This is me and my mom, camping on her father’s property in south Texas. My mom has only ever wanted me to be happy — if that meant being a phenomenal stay-at-home mother like she was, great. If that meant battling daily for the reproductive health and rights of women across the world, all the better. Just be true to yourself and your own 'true north' and the rest comes (relatively) easy." #MomsMatter

Kim is PAI's International Advocacy Associate. "This is Nene and Naffisatou, my Peace Corps mom and sister. Even though I came from 6,000 miles away, these women adopted me into their family while I was serving as a Peace Corps volunteer. They taught me a new language, helped me when I had a problem, and took care of me when I was sick. I never need to look further than my time with my Peace Corps family to remember the importance of access to quality reproductive health services." #MomsMatter

Stephanie is PAI's Development Coordinator. "This is a picture of my mom and I on the day my sister was born. She was fortunate enough to have access to contraception, which allowed her to plan her pregnancies and provide for my siblings and I. I'm so thankful for all the opportunities my mom provided me with growing up!" #MomsMatter

Suzanna Dennis, PAI’s Senior Research Associate, “These are my two children and me on a recent trip to Sacramento, California. At PAI, I track family planning funding in several countries. I’m now using those same skills to advocate for public funding for my daughter’s school.” #MomsMatter Photo credit: Maurice Nsabimana.

Emma Chadband, PAI's Online Outreach Associate: "This is my mom, me, and our dog, Bailey, on a road trip from Seattle to San Francisco. I love my mom because she always gives the best advice, and she passed on her love of dogs and adventure!" #MomsMatter

Mailien Le-Cassesso is PAI's Executive Office Coordinator: "This is my favorite picture of my mother and I at my wedding. I surprised her by wearing a traditional Vietnamese ao dai for the reception." #MomsMatter

Allie Doody, PAI's International Advocacy Associate: "My mom is a feminist, so I grew up thinking all those issues were important. When I found PAI, I knew the position was perfect for me, because my mom always taught me that it's important for women to be able to make their own reproductive choices." #MomsMatter

Emily Crofoot works in PAI's finance department. "This is my mom and me in Virginia, I'm 16 years old. I love my mom because she's always been my biggest advocate." #MomsMatter

Wendy Turnbull is PAI's Senior International Advocacy Advisor. "This is me and my brilliant, funny, assertive and politically engaged teens, Barbara (16) and Kathryn (14). Living adolescent SRHR in real-time and enjoying every minute of life with teens. Truly." #MomsMatter