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atgun: “les-filles-iterabilite: “ Bernadett Vidacs by Mathieu Vladimir Alliard ©® Mathieu Vladimir Alliard - All rights reserved ” I don’t repost any photo that contains a hidden link… ”

Beauty, photo, photography, beautiful * by Konstantin Kryukovskiy on 500px

Beauty, photo, photography, beautiful * by Konstantin Kryukovskiy on Light is placed slightly to the right and at a high angle.

Portrait Photography by Paul Apal’kin

Paul Apal’kin is a talent photographer based in Zaporizhia, Ukraine, who captured the black and white portraits by good use of lighting and shadows. View the website

Like this except maybe upside down and rotated to appear right-side-up?

Here, you can really feel the air that girl is feeling too. With her hair all over the place, you can assume that the wind source is coming from below her and makes her hair move. Her hair is also very nice!

Dark red hair - Ren, but with violet eyes

Top 10 Stunning Photos Of Gorgeous Red Haired Women. I just had to Red Haired women have got that edge right off with that flaming lovely hair, add the freckles and eyes and lips, and you have got one stunning woman.

"I have always been invisible and always will be." Torryn sighed.

Natural light- daylight photography involving shadow to add more depth and subject matter to a portrait without directly adding an object into the photo.

Hey, my name is Brielle! I'm 18, and I just graduated highschool. Though I'm not, all my siblings (Kamri, Lucas, and Price) are adopted! My parents decided to adopt a few years after I was born because they found out they couldn't have more kids when they wanted to. Most of my friends are younger than me; like Chrissy and Kamri. They tell me I'm a great mentor. Lots of people look up to me, and its sweet, but sometimes its a lot of pressure! V more below V {credits: Bree Rose}

Clara Daniels “Clare” Born: February 5530 Age: 17 Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde (Long) Very motherly. Twin brother is Simon and Magdalena is her step-sister. Best friends with Genevieve and Adaline. Dating Sebastian.