Assassins Creed

I want to add - any guy is suddenly handsome dressed like this! I'd also like to add that I would LOVE to wear this exact thing, except in a more feminine form. I'm making a costume at the moment, but this is AMAZING.


I’ve always thought that having some sort of geeky wedding would be really cool, but not being a Minecraft person, the idea of a Minecraft wedding has never crossed my mind. However, after seeing this couple’s Minecraft wedding, I think Read More .


Kids could make a minecraft version of layers of earth/ atmosphere / or even cell structure. my kids will do this!

borderlands lilith

(Borderlands: Lilith) Heather, Nevaeh's tag-along from Point Lookout. Very quiet and intense but is extremely witty and sarcastic; Uses a plasma rifle named Scarab.

Minecraft Ship Boat

It's insane how people can get so creative in Minecraft. I only build small shacks. And then connect them underground.