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If you KNOW me then you know all about me! If you don't; then it's none of your damn business!

Mira Betz Tribal Fusion Belly Dance -- gorgeous red color, and I love the drapings across the back.

Firm and Lift Breast in Just 5 Simple Exercises

In order to really challenge the glutes and force them to become more than just a backseat driver, your workout needs to include a mix of movements that come at this large muscle group from multiple angles. You need... #bestweightlossprograms #resistancetrainingforweightloss #weightlossprograms

Georgian Beauty Vintage Assemblage Necklace by VintageTraveler

Belly Pooch Be GONE!!!! Here Are The BEST Exercises To Flatten Your Lower Belly!!! Click On The Link Below For The FULL Video.:

This 10 minute workout for women will trim inches from your torso, build your upper-body strength, and also build the muscles in the back and shoulders that are responsible for perfect posture. Find a couple of dumbbells (or cans of soup) around your house and get to it!

How to Do Strength-Building Exercises for Pole Dancing

Caterina Campodonico, The most stunningly realistic funerary sculpture in this exhibit depicts Caterina Campodonico, who has rested in a Genoa cemetery since 1881. Sculptor Lorenzo Orengo presents her as a stout woman proudly holding two ring-shaped loaves of bread, as well as a string of hazlenuts deliberately resembling a rosary.

Iridescent African recycled glass contrasts the ancient Tibetan pearl mantra beads to create a perfectly balanced bracelet for your everyday look. You get the best of both worlds. - 10mm hand carved p

"Plus Size Outfit, Work Outfit" by jmc6115 on Polyvore featuring Sag Harbor, Old Navy and Geneva

#14. Use Rust-Oleum to paint outdated brass faucets, hardware and fixtures! -- 27 Easy Remodeling Projects That Will Completely Transform Your Home