You don't often see a painting convey distance so well purely by perspective with no color cues.

Chama River, Ghost Ranch, New Mexico 1937 Georgia O’Keeffe oil on canvas Gift of the Georgia O’Keeffe Estate, 1987 At the top of this little hill is where you can strew my ashes. The Georgia O'Keeffe Museum stamps the soul.

John Berkey   #science #fiction #space  all these PIN'S r for my grandson's scrapbook.......B

A tribute to the artist John Berkey, one of the greats of space and sci-fi themed art.

Childe Hassam - Nocturne, Railway Crossing, Chicago, 1892-1893

Nocturne, Railway Crossing, Chicago Frederick Childe Hassam - circa Museum of Fine Arts (United States) Painting - watercolor Height: cm in.), Width: cm in.