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Cheyenne Journey

Koolene Hatti Little Flower Rosie Inuit Mother And Child Cheyenne Journey Violet Anna Two-Fox title unknown Little May Maggie Two-Sun Indian Girl The Sonora Child Mandy Blackfoot

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A woman in armor: “Knight (For Honor) by Guillaume Menuel ”

RPG Female Character Portraits : Photo

char-portraits: “ Healer (detail) by Alexandre Mokhov For Guild Of Heroes / blt GAMES ” Some inspirational art for gaming. Make sure to check out the artist’s page.

oooh. that's interesting.

Nicholas K Harkin Jacket in Khaki (myrtle)

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by Jason Chan

Piper ---[ I am so going to put in a scene with her smoking a cigar... T]

Many former UZis go to some effort to evoke an aura of danger long after leaving home, claiming the psychological benefits of being able to make someone afraid of you are just as valuable in the Corporate world.

Philip Halsborn.

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Portrait of Pieter van den Broecke by Dutch painter Franz Hal (1582 - 1666). I've always loved this painting because of the pleasant expression on the man's face. Plus the hand on the cane is incredibly well done. (Note the missing half pinky.) Not to mention the lace at the collar. Just a spectacular portrait.

Frans Hals, Frans Hals the Elder (Dutch [Dutch Golden Age, Portraits] Portrait of Pieter van den Broecke,

Payphone - Computer graphics and animation - Render.ru

Payphone - Computer graphics and animation - Render.

Bard from The Bard's Tale IV

Bjard Ironhand, a bard by name but a hypnotist by night he enthralls men with his enchanted lute.