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Vaporizer Pens

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The Persei portable vaporizer allows you to easily and conveniently vaporize herbs or liquid as well as solid concentrates. With the single and double tops and cartridges which are manually filled yourself, you can opt to take giant hits or smaller, controlled hits.

Persei Vaporizer

The Sleek Vaporizer Pen by popular vaping company White Rhino is an excellent one touch pen vaporizer for your waxy oils. The Sleek Vaporizer comes with rechargeable battery and necessary cartridge/atomizer for convenient operation.

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The White Rhino DV2 Vaporizer Pen is an extremely wise choice for inexperienced vapers but also offers some beneficial features for more advanced customers as well. This advanced vaporizing device supplies customers with the versatility of using both waxy oils and dry herbs for maximum vaporizing pleasure.

White Rhino DV2

The Sticky Pen Vaporizer provides you with the most efficient method for vaporizing your favorite essential oils. Each sticky wax burner is made of heavy duty, medical grade materials to ensure that the customer experiences a premium vaporizing experience throughout the lifetime of the unit.

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The Pulsar Stylus is an advanced, next-gen oil vaporizer configured for use with thin to medium oils and packs the ability to supply up to 800 puffs. The Stylus contains a color coded, variable voltage battery that offers a fully customizable oil vaporizing experience!

Pulsar Stylus Vaporizer

The Pulsar Ninja Vaporizer is the most compact device in the Pulsar family and is easily concealable. This convenient mini vaporizer supplies complex heating functions compared to its minute size. Ths vape pen is extremely conservative on energy consumption and has a super quick heat up time. The Pulsar Ninja vaporizes oils as well as dry herbs for a universal and versatile experience.

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The Pulsar Buck Naked Express Vaporizer is a low cost oil pen vaporizer with a stylish design. It has a one touch push button power system and is compatible with all oil blends for vaporization.

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Pulsar 7

The Pulsar 7 is an easily concealable dry herb vaporizer that offers customers a wide array of advanced features! This is an ideal solution for both beginners and experienced vapers searching for a top-quality portable vaporizer pen.

PULSAR 7 Vaporizer

The Ophos Vaporizer pen is a standard 3.7v vaporizer that uses 1.5 ohm or 2.4 ohm replacement cartridges that are manually filled with liquid concentrates. This package comes with one heat sleeve, one 2.4 ohm cartridge, one mouthpiece, one 900 mAh battery, a USB battery charger and wall adapter with US plug, a fill tool, rugged carrying case and an instruction booklet.

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As an updated, more advanced version of the original Omicron personal vape pen, the Omicron v2.5 allows you to vape at any time and place while providing affordability and convenience.

Omicron 2.5 Vaporizer

The Dube Vaporizer Pen is an easily concealable and portable item that supplies customers with a unique vaping experience combined with long lasting durability and inconspicuous stealth properties.

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The Budy pen vaporizer is setup for vaporizing tobacco / dry herbs and comes with a useful glass screen that protects your material from igniting. This vaporizer pen also handles waxy oils.

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The Budy pen PRO vaporizer is designed for vaporizing tobacco / dry herbal blends. It comes packaged with a convenient glass screen, which sits on the heating element and insulates your tobacco / dry herbs from burning. This vaporizer can also burn waxy oils as well to make for a fully universal product.

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The powerful Atmos RX 510 Optimus Vaporizer Kit comes ready to use out of the box with very little assembly and setup necessary. Now you can Vaporize in style and its as easy as ABC... just load the chamber, push the button, and inhale!

Atmos X Optimus 510 Vaporizer

The Atmos Thermo W is an excellent vaporizer pen which has been relaunched, now featuring a waxy atomizer. This powerful item has a unique, stylish look and is made to be extremely lightweight and portable. The Thermo W from Atmos is definitely a well constructed, heavy duty vaporizer pen.

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The Atmos Stratus kit is setup for use with E-liquids & herbal formulas. This compact vape pen is light weight and is super easy to operate and refill. It’s one of Atmos most well known and recognized portable Ecig/vaporizers that will always be relevant.

Atmos Stratus Express

The Atmos Optimus-510 is an extraordinarily easy to use vape pen which is suitable for beginners. It is manufactured for use with essential oils only, but it supplies the user with a premium experience nonetheless. It comes packaged with a convenient measuring scale so that you know exactly how much of a supply remains in the chamber. This vaporizer pen is packaged with the lithium ion battery, Optimus cartridge, wired USB charger and instruction manual.

Atmos Optimus 510 Vaporizer

The unique Atmos Nail Essential Oil Vape Pen is a compact and easily concealable Portable Vaporizer manufactured in the United States that is configured for both liquid and waxy oils. With attractive aspects such as a rechargeable, long lasting Lithium Ion Battery, quality Ceramic Heating Element, and an ultra rapid 5 second heat up time, the Atmos Nail Essential Oil Vape Pen provides both stealth and supreme functionality in one convenient package!

Atmos Nail Vaporizer 5.10

The Atmos Junior vaporizer pen provides weed smokers an easily concealable, discreet looking product that offers an extremely desirable user experience. This vaporizer pen is suitable for any time and place and is constructed using advanced, heavy duty architecture for supreme strength and longevity.

Atmos Junior Vape Pen

The Atmos Bullet 2 Go is absolutely the most stealthy and low priced vape pen for sale on the market. This vaporizer pen supplies concealment and speed that can't be rivaled by any other vape pen in the marketplace.

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710 Pen

The 710 pen vaporizer is easy to use and is compatible with oils/wax. It has a super fast heat up time with a convenient LCD display. This complete package comes with a carrying case and a water filtration adapter for maximum benefit.

710 Pen Vaporizer

The extraordinarily amazing and pocket sized 710 Mini Pen Vaporizer supplies it's fortunate users with a stealth and compact mock up for convenient usage anywhere. It features an intelligently designed LCD monitor that precisely and accurately displays the vaporizing temperature for ultimate control and efficiency.

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