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This Fashion Fiend — continentcreative: Janica Compte for The Fashion.

Speckled by Alex Evans for Chloe Magazine

Alice Ma_Freckled Muse ‘Speckled’, Spring 2014 issue of Chloe Magazine. The striking Alice Ma starred in the beauty editorial shot by photographer Alex Evans. Dramatic beauty looks, courtesy talented hair stylist and makeup artist Natalia Ventola.

Marina Serbul

Real Techniques brushes Samantha Chapman are designed with pro makeup artist Samantha & Nicola Chapman, they combine high-tech materials with innovative design…

Dare to Be Different: Marian Woo on Avant-Garde Gothic Makeup | Covanity

LOVE this makeup! --------- Dare to Be Different: Marian Woo on Avant Garde Gothic Makeup photo

Avant garde lacy makeup metallics

Model: Amédée Betancourt Hair: César Garza Makeup: Plastiko Velazquez Jewelry: Mockingbird Stylist: Socorro Escobar Photographer: Jvdas Berra Assistants: Noah Martz and Omar Guear

Highlights from the spring/summer 2016 shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris — on and off the runway.

T’s 50 Best Photos From Fashion Month

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porcelainette: torturegardens: gothiccharmschool: Good heavens, this is LOVELY. You are a stunning creature. (White lace gothy outfits + strong makeup = one of my stylistic faves!