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Working in America

Working in America

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This Newspaper Boys commemorative stamp was issued through the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, post office on October 4, 1952. A newspaper delivery boy is featured on the stamp's left, and to the right is a torch, grasped in a human hand, symbolizing free enterprise.

Arago: Newspaper Boys Issue

Volunteer or otherwise, fire fighters perform an absolutely essential service in American society. This stamp honoring firemen was issued on the 300th anniversary of volunteer firemen service in the United States.

Arago: Volunteer Firemen Issue

This stamp honors the Teachers of America, and was issued to coincide with the centennial convention of the National Education Association.

Arago: School Teachers Issue

This stamp, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the American Society of Civil Engineers, was issued in Chicago on September 6, 1952, during the convocation of the Centennial of Engineering at the Conrad Hilton Hotel.

Arago: Engineering Centennial Issue

This stamp honored the 50th anniversary of the founding of the American Automobile Association. The goal in issuing the stamp was to promote the AAA's Safety and Accident Prevention Program, and to honor those who work as crossing guards.

Arago: A.A.A. Issue

This Letter Carriers commemorative stamp honors the men and women, who carry America's mail to over 100 million delivery points. The stamp's dedication ceremony was held in conjunction with the centennial celebration of the National Association of Letter Carriers.

Arago: Letter Carriers Issue

This Commerce stamp, part of the Banking and Commerce pair, honors commerce and those who work in the financial fields.

Arago: Banking & Commerce Issue

The first of the two "Banking and Commerce" stamps focused attention on the important role that banking and commerce played in the development of the United States.

Arago: Banking & Commerce Issue

To recognize and honor work done in the home, this "Homemakers" stamp was issued.

Arago: Homemakers Issue

As part of a campaign to engender support for FDR's National Industrial Recovery Act, this stamp featuring American workers was issued.

Arago: National Recovery Act Issue

This Chemistry stamp, honoring American chemists, was issued in conjunction with the centenary of the American Chemical Society.

Arago: Chemistry Issue

This stamp celebrating dental workers was issued in 1959 during the centennial meeting of the American Dental Association.

This stamp mark the 50th anniversary of the first successful workmen's compensation legislation. The Wisconsin law set a pattern for vital compensation laws passed subsequently throughout the country to provide protection for employees and their families in the event of accident and resulting disabilities.

This stamp commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Trucking Industry.

Arago: Trucking Industry Issue

This stamp was issued to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the American Bar Association. The stamp's central design is part of a frieze that appears on the wall of the Supreme Court chambers.

The stamp, issued to honor the nursing profession, features a young woman lighting the traditional candle, symbolizing her dedication to the profession.

Arago: Nursing Issue

Employees find a collective voice and representation through their labor unions and associations. Membership is closely tied to one's professional identity, especially so in the sizable postal workforce with its great variety of jobs. This banner represents the National Association of Special Delivery Messengers' local branch 24 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This 1958 stamp honors gardeners and horticulturists. The figure in the center represents a bountiful earth, holding a horn of plenty and surrounded by flowers, fruits, vegetables and shrubs.

Arago: Gardening Horticulture Issue

This stamp honoring American pharmacists was first placed on sale in conjunction with the 120th anniversary of the American Pharmaceutical Association.

Arago: Pharmacy Issue

This stamp commemorated the centenary of the Steel Industry in America and honored American steel workers.

Arago: Steel Industry Issue

This stamp honoring architects was issued on the centennial anniversary of the founding of the American Institute of Architects.

Arago: Architects Issue

This stamp celebrated the 100th anniversary of the US Civil Service Commission, which has managed federal workers since 1883 and is now known as the Office of Personnel Management.

This stamp celebrates photography, the profession and the hobby. The design depicts a camera and the various elements used in photography: a lens, color filters, an adapter ring for the lens, a flash bulb, and a reference book on photography.

Arago: Photography Issue

This stamp celebrates the 100th anniversary of the accounting profession in the United States.

Arago: Certified Public Accounting Issue