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We've created this site to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most. Many of you have been blessed by the Delaplain Family, let's come beside them right now.

Thanks for visiting Min's PostHope site. Life has been very hectic for the last few months, so I'm creating this site to keep all of our wonderful family and friends who are always wondering how Min is doing as up to date as possible. Thanks for all the love!

Wait, colon 41, what?! As the Holmes Family navigates a sudden and scary journey, it is here health updates and feelings will be spilled, faith and hope can be refilled. Thank you for your support and love!

On September 19th, our youngest son, Parker, was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma (nodular sclerosis subtype epstein barr virus associated). This site is designed to provide updates for our friends and family who have overwhelmed us support, love, and prayer.

In March of 2014 Hunter was diagnosed with Ewings sarcoma a rare form of bone cancer. He immediately started 9 months of chemo as well as radiation.

John was diagnosed with ALS in January. The response from the community has been amazing. We are grateful that God is using us to inspire and impact others in their faith, and He has sent so many to support and encourage us through this. We hope that this site will allow all of us to see God's love and know Him more.

I want to take this opportunity to update you on the evaluation done at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville for my Liver Transplant. T We have just received the decision letter from the Transplant Committee. This committee takes into account the results and recommendation from each member of the team. Their decision is final and not subject to negotiation. The committee has advised that I need to be 5 years cancer free to be reconsidered. Needless to say this is both a disappointment and stress ....


Everything you need to know about a little girl's journey with Truncus Arteriosus and Fibular Hemimelia (and the friends and family who love her)

This site has been created to keep updates about Deb's treatments and progress. Thank you for the many prayers that sustain us through this journey.

This site is dedicated to Aiden Kemp's healing from transverse myelitis. Please see the "Sticky" topics below labeled "Welcome" and "What Happened?" for more information.

Follow Cohen and our family through this journey with updates, information & pictures.

Keep in touch with Gurubhai Singh and Har Nal Kaur during this difficult time.

As many of you know, Ben and Cori were expecting baby boy #2, Griffin, to arrive towards the end of May. They have recently learned there are some serious medical concerns regarding Griffin's brain development. This website has been created as a way for family and friends to get updates, as well as, communicate their support for Ben, Cori, Nolan, and Griffin

This is Victor's life story..... We are trying to raise awareness for his rare syndrome and give hope to ourselves and others.

Our father, Bryan Secrest, is scheduled to undergo Open Heart Surgery on the morning of May 5, 2014. He is a loving father of 6 kids, and 2 grandchildren. He is a hard working, and caring father who puts his family before himself. We have created this page for donations to cover medical bills & any other expenses due to being in the hospital , we also know that he will be out of work for at least 8 weeks due to the surgery . Also we encourage positive words & prayers as well . Thank you so ....

On March 14th 2008 I had a siezure while driving truck, by God's Grace I was able to get pulled over and nobody got hurt. I was soon diagnosed with two brain tumors one about the size of a tennis ball. It's called stage four glioblastoma multi- forme. On March 18th I had surgery to remove as much of the tumor as possible. Then I started radiation and chemotherapy treatments shortly after surgery. This site is to keep people updated on my condition and offer an easy way for people to help ...

I am creating this site to keep friends and family updated on my treatment for breast cancer and to ask for your prayers as we begin this unexpected journey.

This is an open communication forum for my friends and family so that we can all understand and discuss my cancer.

As Roseanne recovers from her injuries, a space to share our support, encouragement and inspiration!