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"Aoife - one of main characters from the upcoming book "Strifemaster's Apprentice" by Chris Grice" -pearl-of-light on deviant art

seine de meurtre

Michael Komarck Illustration Cover art for Legacy of Wolves, book three in the Eberron series The Inquisitives, by Marsheila Rockwell. wizards of the coast


Vishkanya Pirate by Yngvar Asplund on deviantART -- Kausao City is a melting pot of East and West and all sorts may find their way to it's streets. Pirates and smugglers both nautical and aeronautical are legends in some circles.

"Minor nobles tend to forget the former and emphasize the latter"

Nyerhite the Nobleman Merchant . Hauling a load of Caliphate silk, but the silk is infested with worms. If it gets pointed out, becomes unhinged in anger and grief. Kriv turned the tragedy into a nice money-making opportunity.