Vintage Nemadji Vase / Desert Pottery

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Hopi Pueblo Pottery | Native American Indian Art Pottery | Desert Pottery

The Hopi Nation is located in Northeastern Arizona, approximately in the center of the Navajo Nation

Pottery Seed Pot by Dee Setalla (Hopi)

Pottery seed pot by Dee Johnson Setalla (Hopi) Dee Johnson Setalla was born in 1963 and is a member of the Bear Clan. He started making pottery around the age of six and was taught by his mother Pauline Setalla and his paternal aunt "Fawn" Navasie.

Acoma Pueblo Pottery

Eagle Dancer katsina dancing and the Sunface as a spinner watching over the dancer.

Judy Richie. Friends of the Pueblo,

prior pinner: Friends of the Pueblo, Judy Richie Medium: Gourd

Acoma pottery Native American wedding vase

Acoma Pottery Native American Wedding Vase Hand Made in New Mexico. - loved the ones I saw in SD!

Peabody Museum, Harvard.

Lidded trinket basket Elizabeth (Lizzie) Hickox Wiyot Oregon grape root (interior weft), maidenhair fern stem (black), porcupine quill dyed with moss root (yellow), myrtle shoots (foundation)