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    Cook Up A Feast

    A collection of our favorite appetizer + dinner + dessert + cocktail recipes for Thanksgiving.

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    Cook Up A Feast

    Cook Up A Feast

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    TIP: Searching for cheese platter perfection? Choose a variety of flavor profiles and textures so there’s something for everyone — sweet, soft, salty, savory.

    Simple and Rustic Dinner Party with Sunday Suppers


    We love how Karen from Sunday Suppers: Recipes + Gatherings serves bold, seasonal ingredients on our favorite white dinnerware so the color of each grape, papaya and piece of prosciutto truly pops.

    Simple and Rustic Dinner Party with Sunday Suppers


    Father’s Day is just a few days away - do you know how you’re going to treat your guy this weekend?

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    We’ve rounded up 5 of our favorite delicious detox recipes to help you stick to your goal of healthy eating this year. From green smoothies (yum) to salads to soups, this menu is perfect for a veggie-packed weekly …

    Our 5 Favorite Detox Recipes


    Oyster Stuffing

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    Cranberry Apple Chutney

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    Whip Up 5 Classic Thanksgiving Recipes in 5 Hours or Less

    Pottery Barn - Inside & Out


    Ciabatta Rolls

    Pottery Barn - Inside & Out


    Mulled-Wine Cranberry Sauce

    Whip Up 5 Classic Thanksgiving Recipes in 5 Hours or Less


    Roasted Butternut Squash with Onions and Rosemary

    Pottery Barn - Inside & Out


    Pumpkin recipe

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    Cranberry Orange Cheesecake. Could there be a more Christmas-y cheesecake dessert?! Gingersnap crust with loads of (reduced fat) cream cheese, some Greek yogurt, orange zest and topped with cranberries and more orange zest. Beautiful!

    Cranberry Orange Cheesecake Recipe | Gimme Some Oven


    Apple-Brined Turkey Recipe

    Apple-Brined Turkey Recipe

    • Sandy McGibbon
      Sandy McGibbon

      My son and girlfriend made this and loved it.

    • Fermin Arechiga
      Fermin Arechiga

      looks great!

    Pumpkin Pie With Gingersnap Crust

    Tuesday Tastings :: Pumpkin & Gingersnap Pie


    Cranberry Marmalade #Recipe

    Cranberry Marmalade


    Bacon & goat cheese baked apples

    Bacon & goat cheese baked apples

    • Maggie Hoepfner
      Maggie Hoepfner

      same!! I could live off of goat cheese & crackers. and chocolate. :)

    • Ana Alverez
      Ana Alverez

      look delicious!!!!!!!!!

    • Nadine Barnett
      Nadine Barnett


    • Lynn Weber
      Lynn Weber

      Recipes look amazing! Yum

    • Violet Urdanivia
      Violet Urdanivia

      Looks delicious.

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    Crème Brûlêe

    Crème Brûlêe in 5 minute | SARIE

    • Elaine Ashfield
      Elaine Ashfield

      WHere Where is the link for this recipe.

    • Tonya Bundy
      Tonya Bundy

      (Serves 2) Whip 125ml cream until stiff. Fold 250 ml winkelvla (premade, store bought custard) to the cream. Pour into ramekin cups. Sprinkle 15 ml brown sugar on top. Use a blow torch and burn the sugar until it has caramelized. Let stand about 1 minute until the caramel has cooled and serve immediately.

    • Elaine Ashfield
      Elaine Ashfield

      Thank you Tonya for the recipe.

    • Cosette

      awesome! thank you!

    • Tonya Bundy
      Tonya Bundy

      Very welcome. Enjoy!

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    Golden Beet and Grape Salad

    Tuesday Tastings :: Golden Beet & Grape Salad


    White Bean-and-Black Olive Crostini Recipe < Christmas Holiday Appetizer Recipes - Southern Living

    Top-Rated Holiday Appetizers


    The Ultimate Thanksgiving Punch Recipe

    The Ultimate Thanksgiving Punch

    • Tara Hogan Hudson
      Tara Hogan Hudson

      Haley Brown it does sound good. It better be, as in depth as it is!

    • Geri DeWitt
      Geri DeWitt

      I love a smooth Christmas Punch! And. Your guests will love this one...

    • dianne fennell
      dianne fennell

      Anything with ginger...Wow!

    Brûléed Pumpkin Pie

    Brûléed Classic Pumpkin Pie

    • Margo Mandrillo
      Margo Mandrillo

      Anything brûléed is amazing!

    • Mary Neustein
      Mary Neustein

      Definitely trying this for Thanksgiving this year

    • Julia Schaefer
      Julia Schaefer

      Michelle Casey brûlée pumpkin pie!

    • Michelle Casey
      Michelle Casey

      Oh dang!!! That would be incredible, actually... Oooooh or a pumpkin custard pie!!! I'm getting inspired. ;)

    • Char Richards
      Char Richards


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    Apple Cider Margaritas

    Apple Cider Margaritas | How Sweet It Is

    • Geri DeWitt
      Geri DeWitt

      Its Always. A great idea to host a signature holiday cocktail! ! This looks so. Refreshing! !

    • Joni Thorpe
      Joni Thorpe

      Looks very festive!! Yummy!!

    • Spat Rajbhandari
      Spat Rajbhandari


    • Lynn Weber
      Lynn Weber

      Could I have one?

    • Geri DeWitt
      Geri DeWitt

      Yes my pinning Sisters! This may very well be the #1 cocktail of 2013!! Happy. Drinking. Y'all! Lol...

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    Bacon Cheddar Green Bean Casserole

    Bacon Cheddar Green Bean Casserole with Crispy Shallots

    • Dana Delikat
      Dana Delikat

      I want to make this!

    • Bonnie Somerville Sharkey
      Bonnie Somerville Sharkey

      This looks yummy!

    Cranberry Crumb Cake

    Hungry Couple: Cranberry Crumb Cake


    A perfect piece of pumpkin pie

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    • Geri DeWitt
      Geri DeWitt

      Wow" my Dad's Birthday is Christmas, I really miss him, but, for All of the major holidays he would prepare his famous. Sweet Potato. Pie!! Ooh! Weee it would melt in our mouths, so I cherish his recipe and have it at every family holiday! ! Love and miss you Daddy! !! Happy Eating Pinners! !!

    • Luanne Emery
      Luanne Emery

      Thanks for the perfect recipe!

    • Jennie Chapman
      Jennie Chapman

      I miss my Dad too!! Christmas was his favor holiday. He was born Dec. 1st. Miss you Dad **********'s