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100 brilliant examples of print advertising—Print ads can still be the most powerful medium for getting your message across, as these highly innovative print advertising campaigns show.

This is a French ad administrated by the French Ministry of Health. This ad states in the bottom right corner: Obesity starts from childhood.Very graphic yet creative.

40 Logos With Hidden Messages and good uses of Negative Space

Have you ever thought what hidden messages the iconic logos are carrying with them? This infographic reveals 40 brand logos with hidden messages.


Robin Wood - Destroying nature is destroying life. Note from Husani: This is an example of double exposure photography. That is a popular art directional technique.

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Examples of creative ads and a list of visual communication techniques and visual metaphors used in advertising and marketing.

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Great style of art. Good way to purchase cheap art for books, as it won't take the artist forever to complete.

Infográfico: 100 atalhos para os 7 principais programas da Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premier Pro