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Moon Face Earring

Celtic jewelry spreads the message of love, truthfulness and attachment to your loved ones. So, till now if you haven’t got the happiness of wearing this precious jewel

La bague que Meret Oppenheim conçut au milieu des années 1930, est une combinaison absurde et délicieuse d'artifice et de nature, de matières opulentes et bon marché. Le cube de sucre jetable et fragile est élevé au rang de pierre précieuse; une matière comestible devient portable.

Meret Oppenheim 'sugar' Ring (just in case you find yourself needing to sweeten some tea on the go)

Inspired by toy kaleidoscopes and the mirrors within, Christine So of Sole Christine created the "Hidden Secret" collection. Gems are set in such a way as to "remind people to see things from different angles and aspects, which provides different views and meanings."

Christine So, Hidden Secret Collection, inspired by toy kaleidoscopes

Rings by Stockholm-based Romanian jeweller Kuki Constantinescu. jewellery-box-rings beauty beauty

I love how these pieces juxtapose clean, brushed silver with an element of surprise, be it an accent of colour or a burst of crystals. Rings by Stockholm-based Romanian jeweller Kuki Constantinescu.