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Best Handheld Leaf Blowers

These are our picks for the best Handheld Leaf Blowers available at These picks are made by our in-house leaf blower expert, Bob Crewe.

Best Handheld Leaf Blowers

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The Kawasaki KRH300A is powered by a 26cc, 2-cycle engine. The engine has a noise reducing design, and features a lifetime electronic ignition module warranty. Producing up to 125mph air velocity, you'll be able to clean-up leaves, grass clippings and other yard debris in no time.

The Husqvarna 125B gas-powered leaf blower is built to fit the diverse needs of homeowners and has a bevy of premium features to make operation easier. The blowing tube is fully adjustable, allowing you to optimize its length for different jobs around the yard. Also, the stop switch automatically returns to the "on" position, which makes starting the blower easy. The Husqvarna 125B's controls are all contained in an easy-to-access panel.

Husqvarna 125B 28cc 2-Cycle Hand Held Leaf Blower

The McCulloch MC200 hand held leaf blower is an economical option for homeowners who want the power of a gas engine, but don't want to break the bank to get it. The McCulloch MC200 has an easy-to-start 25cc 2-cycle engine that produces air speeds of up to 200mph. That more than enough to handle grass clippings, fallen leaves and other types of small yard debris. You can clean sidewalks, decks, patios and driveways quickly with a minimum of effort.

The Greenworks 24102A cordless lithium-ion leaf blower is ideal for clearing away debris from your driveway, patio, or deck. The Greenworks 24102A has a powerful 40-volt, lithium ion battery combined with a high-efficiency motor. This combination delivers cordless performance that is equivalent to gas-powered, hand held blowers. The 40-volt lithium ion rechargeable battery allows you to carry the blower around your property without having to deal with the hassle of long extension cords.

The Worx WG541 uses a rechargeable 18-volt NiCad battery that easily snaps into place, giving you instant power. No extension cords to drag around behind you, so you can go pretty much anywhere in your yard. The Worx WG541 delivers much better results than a broom, and this lightweight little blower is just the thing for clearing grass clippings off your walkways, and getting leaves off your decks and porches.

WORX WG541 Worx 18-Volt NiCad Cordless Blower & Sweeper

The Greenworks 24602 cordless leaf blower makes maintaining your yard a much easier task. This versatile blower provides a powerful blast of air to move yard clippings, dust and debris for quick cleanup. The Greenworks 24602 is powered by a lithium-ion battery. The cordless motor provides much quieter operation than noisy gas-powered blowers and doesn't require hauling out, or tripping over, long extension cords.

The Toro 51609 features a variable speed 12 amp electric motor, and will produce air speeds up to 235 mph. This means you can use low speeds to clear off hard surfaces and clean up tight areas without making a mess and without sacrificing the blower's high-speed functionality. The Toro 51609 is also a leaf vacuum, and will convert from blower to vacuum without tools in no time at all. The metal impeller shreds leaves into a mulch, and you can reduce up to 16 bags of waste to one bag.

The WORX WG500 has the versatility to change jobs with just the flip of a switch. There are no tubes to switch between tasks, so you can blow away debris at 210 mph, then easily change to vacuuming dry leaves at up to 14 gallons per minute. The angled nose makes it easy to clear low areas and to reach under decks and furniture. The WORX WG500 electric leaf blower brings three functions together in one compact, lightweight machine: a great blower; a handy mulcher; and a powerful yard vac.

The Greenworks 24072 electric leaf blower is a value priced option that will handle serious cleaning jobs. The Greenworks 24072 features a powerful 12 Amp electric motor, which delivers up to 150MPH of clearing power. This blower is ideal for sweeping grass clippings and leaves into manageable piles. The Greenworks 24072 also doubles as a leaf vacuum. The magnesium mulching blade pulverizes leaves and debris into a fine mulch. Conversion from blower to vac mode is simple and tool less.