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Best Tow-Behind Mowers

These are our picks for the best tow-behind lawn mowers available at These picks are made by our in-house lawn mower expert, Todd Gwaltney.
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The Swisher RTB18552 TrailCutter tow-behind, rough cut mower steps it up a notch in terms of clearing brush and overgrown vegetation from your property. This rugged Trailcutter can clear the densest undergrowth with ease, cutting most tree stems up to 2 inches in diameter. The powerful Briggs & Stratton Intek 18.5HP engine features an electric start system that fires up this mower with the simple turn of a key.

Swisher RTB18552 52-Inch 18.5 HP Tow Behind Rough Cut Trail Cutter

Swisher RTB14544 Trailcutter. The 44 inch cutting deck is made of 11-gauge, welded steel and has a rear discharge design. The deck height can be adjusted using a convenient, single-lever cutting height adjustment. The deck, blades, and height adjustment are all very easy to use. Mow through heavy brush, grass, weeds, and tree saplings with ease. Cuts most woody materials up to 1-1/2" in diameter.

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The Swisher RTB12544 TrailCutter is a tow-behind, rough cut mower that can blaze a trail or clear a field year round. The 44 inch cutting deck, combined with a powerful 12-1/2HP Briggs and Stratton engine make this trailcutter a tough little unit. Mow through heavy brush, grass, weeds, and tree saplings with ease. Cuts most woody materials up to 1-1/2" in diameter.

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Designed to dramatically reduce mowing time, The T2066 TrailMower attaches to your ATV, lawn tractor or other utility vehicle and short work of large lawns and fields with grass up to 6" in height. The 66-inch mower deck is one of the largest in the industry. The floating design of the deck helps reduce scalping. Three blades work together to cut the grass neatly and evenly, and the side-discharge cutting deck spreads the grass clippings out to avoid clogging.

Swisher T2066 66-Inch 20 HP Tow Behind Trail Mower

The Swisher T14560A TrailMower tow-behind finishing mower is right up your alley if you have a big mowing job. Designed to dramatically reduce mowing time, the T14560A TrailMower attaches to ATV’s, lawn tractors and other utility vehicles to cut large lawns and meadows fast. Powered by a 14-1/2HP Briggs and Stratton I/C OHV engine for finish-cut quality, every mowing. The 60-inch side-discharge cutting deck cuts wide swaths and spreads the grass clippings out very evenly to avoid clogging.

Swisher T14560A 60-Inch 14.5 HP Tow Behind Trail Mower

The Swisher T11544 can attach to your lawn tractor and act as a wing mower, doubling your cutting width and cutting down on your mowing time. Or you can tow this mower behind an ATV and mow your grass at speeds up to 10mph. The rear discharge 44" cutting deck built from sturdy 11-gauge welded steel uses twin blades to deliver finish cut quality to lawns of all sizes. A single-lever cutting height adjustment makes raising and lowering the cutting deck a snap.

Swisher T11544 44-Inch 11.5HP Tow Behind Trail Mower

The ProMow Sport 7 cutting width max’s out at just over 11 feet wide! You'll blow through any mowing job in a hurry with this model - and like it's little brothers (the Sport 3 or Sport 5) the Sport 7 features solid reel blades and tubular construction make this gang reel mower a great choice for golf course landscaping crews, city worker who mow, or a homeowners who wants to keep the north 40 looking neat and well manicured.

ProMow SPORT7 Gold Commercial Gang Reel Finish Mower 7 Reels

The ProMow Gold 5 is a tow-behind, five gang reel mower that delivers a quality cut for really large yards! Ideal for home, sports, and light commercial use, NO LAWN is too large or small. The Gold 5 features the 21” wide reel, ProMow’s finest reel. Cutting height adjustment from 5/8” to 2-3/4”. There will be no scalping, no bunching of grass, as the grass is returned back to where it was cut. Sharpen the reels yourself with the ProMow sharpening kit (sold separately).

ProMow GOLD5 Gold Premium Gang Reel Finish Mower 5 Reels

This is a light weight, gang reel mower you can use with any riding mower over 10HP, which is pretty much every one of them. The cutting depth on this mower is from 1/2 inch to 2-1/4 inches, so you have plenty of mowing options for anything you may need it for. The Great States 3000-16 tow-behind, gang reel finishing mower delivers a golf course quality cut for your lawn.

Great States 3000-16 Gang Reel Finish Mower 3-Reels