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Sagmeister & Walsh - client Fugue // The new design feels old and very new at the same time. Its wispy, scripty calligraphy looks as though it was carefully inked with a fountain pen, but its line reveals that data points are actually forming the lines. The client wanted to stress lineage and elegance, and the logo tucks that in nicely. // logo design / black and white / identity / branding / new tech / application / stationary / packaging / patterns

Fugue Identity - Work

Love the why this small wooden staircase works as tiny closet, it is perfect for small houses #stairs #staircase #tinyhouses

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5 Stylish Small Spaces Filled With HUGE Inspiration

For proof, we knocked on the doors

5 Updates From A Big-Deal Designer

How this couple set up a nursery in their tiny apartment — click through for more, it's pretty amazing!

How A NYC Couple Fit A Nursery Into A 400-Square-Foot Loft

Love the open, uncluttered feel of this bedroom. My apartment is depressingly small.

Green Style: Nancy Neil's 1903 Cabin